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Early booking in Albania

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The little-known territory of Albania hid in the waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas. It is called an undiscovered pearl. Rest here is just great! Clean beaches, clear water, incredible scenery and amazing culture. Despite this, Albania is not as overcrowded with tourists as other Balkan countries. It’s just hard to understand why. But this is what influenced how well the nature and cultural developments of the country were preserved.

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What you need to know before you go to Albania

Albania is a unique country that can offer a lot of interesting things to completely different people:

  • All resorts in Albania amaze with their beauty and cleanliness. The most popular of them are Durres, Saranda and Vlora.
  • The most attractive monument of nature is Lure Park.
  • In Durres, there is an amphitheater founded in ancient Rome. Being there, it seems that he got into a time machine and was transported several millennia back.
  • Albania has many majestic castles such as Petrela and Skanderbeg.
  • Berat is distinguished by its historical significance. Numerous memos will tell about the Ottoman past.

Advantages of early booking in Albania

Albania is a country that tourists love very much. The main difference between early booking is the prepayment of the tour, but at a promotional price. There are a lot of advantages to this:

  • The cost of the trip will cost you much less than during the hot tour season.
  • There will be enough time to think over all the details of the trip, choose excursions and entertainment. Make a plan in a calm, relaxing environment. And you definitely won’t forget anything, because you won’t be in a hurry anywhere.
  • You will be offered a complete list of hotels and excursion programs. Nothing will be booked yet and you will really have plenty to choose from.
  • You have a full guarantee that the cost of the tour will not change in any case, no matter what happens to the economy. Everything is detailed in the contract.
  • There is an opportunity to get good deals. This is another plus one benefit.
  • There will be no problems with payment, even if you do not have enough money for the trip yet. You can pay in part. It is much more convenient and will not hit the budget so hard.

Many people are suspicious of early booking, but there really is no catch here. This is beneficial not only to you, but also to the travel agencies themselves. This gives them the opportunity to gradually fill the customer base, prepare well and without haste for the hot season and minimize losses.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the savings?

Early booking of tours to Albania attracts everyone precisely with its savings. Sometimes it even reaches about 40%. You just need to carefully follow the news about what proposals the travel agency puts forward.

When is the best time to book tours?

The best time is six months before the date of travel. This is the perfect period. You pay less and are guaranteed to get exactly what you want. Many factors affect the level of savings. In some cases it reaches 40%. In order not to miss a great offer, you need to carefully follow the hot offers on FACEBOOK and VIBER

What are the terms of partial payment?

With early booking, it is possible to pay for the tour in installments. The first fee is 20% of the total amount. The rest you pay a few days before the date of departure. To find out in more detail, contact the managers of the travel agency “Atlant Tour”. They will do everything to make you satisfied with your stay.

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