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The Republic of Turkey is located on a part of the land called Asia Minor Anatolia,map 300x300 - Turkey
stretching from Asia to Southeastern Europe. Asia Minor (Anatolia) is bordered on the north by the Black Sea, on the west by the Aegean Sea, and on the south by the Mediterranean Sea. Anatolia is separated from Europe by the Bosphorus and Dardanelles. Mountains to the north and the Taurus to the south as the walls surround the Anatolian Uplands. To the east are extinct volcanoes, as well as the sources of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The length of the coastline of Turkey is 8500 kmією

The area of the country is 814,578 sq. Km.

The capital is Ankara.

The largest cities – Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana.

The currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira


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Tours to Turkey are most popular among Ukrainians, Russians and their neighbors. This is due not only to the territorial proximity, but also good prices, sumptuous cuisine, favorable climate. Turkey is a rich historical land. Here you will try the best dishes, see the incredible scenery from the beaches to the mountains, visit the sights of the great city of Istanbul. The various landscapes of Turkey: from the olive groves of the Aegean Sea to the eastern steppe, surround the ancient ruins of the city and create a lyrical atmosphere for locals and tourists. The most enchanting landscapes can be found in Antalya, Asia, where beautiful views are presented on the dizzying Mediterranean coast, as well as the otherworldly cave formations of Cappadocia and undulating valleys, alpine pastures of the Kachar Mountains and golden beaches of Patara, stretching for 18 km. No matter where you settle, Turkey will make an unforgettable impression on you.

Travel agency “Atlant Tour” can offer you to buy hot tours to Turkey at reasonable prices. Our managers will choose a hotel for you based on your budget and preferences. You can stay both by the sea and in the city center – choose to your liking, especially since many hotels are equipped with private pools.

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Antalya, or Antalya as it is also called, is truly the pearl of the Turkish coast. Antalya is the fastest growing Turkish city, considered the second capital. It is also the main resort of the country. The nature of Antalya is a great climate and a unique landscape. For this reason, the number of tourists here is growing every year, and today almost half a million people come here every year from all over the world. The founder of the Republic of Turkey, national hero Kemal Ataturk once said that the most beautiful city in the world – Antalya. The beautiful harbor, lovely old streets and pleasant warm constant climate have made Antalya a favorite vacation spot for almost all European tourists.

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The leading Mediterranean resort is Kemer. It is located near Antalya, only 40 km from the airport. Here you will find yourself among the unique landscapes created from the Taurian Mountains and the sea coast. Tours to Kemer are chosen by those who are not afraid of pebble beaches and hot summers. But the water here is crystal clear, and the aroma of pine trees reigns around. Holidays in Kemer can be afforded by people with both small and unlimited budgets. “Atlant Tour” organizes your vacation based on your wishes and abilities.

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The tour to Belek is a wonderful forest landscape with pine and pistachio trees, as well as a vast coastline with blue sea. Belek is a mecca for golf lovers. The resort is located in the Serik area of Antalya Province. Belek offers the most luxurious hotels in the world with the highest quality standards. Here you can relax in status, for all five stars and “all inclusive”. The resort is quite modern and is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sandy beaches, an abundance of flora and fauna, ecologically clean area – there are all the conditions for a great vacation.

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A wonderful resort with a history dating back to 2,000 BC, surrounded by lush green pine forests and deep blue sea, Marmaris delights its guests. Here are the most beautiful marinas and harbors. Marmaris will enchant you with its historical heritage, natural beauty and shining sun in addition to entertaining nightlife and pristine bays. The tour to Marmaris is universal and suitable for tourists of any budget. There is a large selection of economy class hotels, there is no exhausting heat, and the sea is warm and calm.

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Hidden in a bay, the small town of Bodrum is very attractive to tourists. Transparent cool waters of the Aegean Sea, beautiful landscapes and many winding streets dotted with cafes and restaurants. Here you can taste traditional Turkish dishes, go windsurfing, listen to jazz music. The tour to Bodrum will be especially popular with young people, because the nightlife is bustling here and there are regular parties.

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Fethiye is located in the Aegean region, which is famous for its most beautiful beaches and islands. The city offers many options for recreation and leisure, including a variety of cultural heritage, as well as a number of sports activities such as paragliding, scuba diving, diving, kiting. The ancient city is almost like an open-air museum: tourists can enjoy a wide range of historical and archaeological sites. Fethiye tours are suitable for those who love a romantic, peaceful holiday away from civilization.

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The main archaeological heritage of Turkey – Side. The resort is also called the city-museum. Here tourists can enjoy unusual national seafood dishes, soak up the warm sun, lying on the sandy beaches, dive into the Mediterranean Sea. Fans of sightseeing definitely choose a tour in Side. There is evidence of the stay of the Greeks: amphitheaters, temples, baths.

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Recreation and cultural entertainment in Turkey

Turkey offers many activities for tourists of different ages and hobbies: from outdoor adventures to cultural enrichment. Water activities include diving, windsurfing, rafting and canyoning in the gorges, kayaking over the sunken ruins of Kekov and traditional cannon cruises in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. At every corner, any passerby can admire the stunning Turkish landscapes. More active can go hiking in the meadow or walk along the path of the Lycian Way. In the city it is recommended to take a culinary course, soak in a hammam or sign up for a walking tour.

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sights of Turkey

Topkapi Palace

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The magnificent Topkapi Palace will immerse you in the fantastic, rich world of sultans. It was from here that the sultans of the Ottoman Empire built an empire that would spread to Europe and down the Middle East and Africa. The interiors, with their clumsy rich tiles and luxuriously decorated with precious decor, are an unforgettable monument to the power of the Ottoman Empire and its rich life.

Hagia Sophia Museum

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Known as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world – the fascinating Byzantine Hagia Sophia Museum – is not only one of the best monuments in Istanbul, but also in Turkey. The stunning majesty of its exterior is surrounded by delicate minarets added after the conquest of the Ottoman Empire, while the magnificent frescoed interior is a great reminder of the power of old Constantinople.


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A large number of Greco-Roman ruins have been discovered in Turkey, but none of them can be as romantic as ancient Pergamum. The remains of the temple of Pergamum are now on top of the hill and represent an ancient scene. It is an incredibly atmospheric place to explore, with the Acropolis Square and a theater carved on a hillside with wide panoramic views that open from its upper tiers. This is a great place to visit if you want to experience life in the Roman era.