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The Republic of Tunisia is located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. in the north andtunis map resorts 1 - TUNIS

in the east it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the west and southwest it borders on Algeria, in the southeast – on Libya. About 1/3 of the country’s territory is occupied by the eastern spurs of the Atlas Mountains, the rest of the territory is covered with savannas and, for the most part, desert.

The country’s area is – 163.6 thousand square meters. km.

The capital of Tunisia is Tunis.

The largest cities are Tunisia, Sfax, Kairouan, Sousse, Bizerte, Gabes.

National currency Tunisian dinar (TND, TD), equal to 1000 millimeters



Last Minute Hotels in Tunisia

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A couple of years ago, Tunisia was not at all considered a tourist country. This time, everything is in the opposite direction. Great weather and blue sea attract more and more new tourists. It was here that two cultures met: African and European. In the south, foreigners are greeted by huge palm trees, and the Sahara desert is fanned by its endless sands.

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Tunisia is located in the subtropics. From May to November, the weather in Tunisia is just great, because despite the high temperatures there is good humidity, helping to easily endure the heat.


There are a lot of hotels in Tunisia and each of them has its own peculiarity. You can live in a Star Wars house or take a vacation right in the middle of the desert. Almost every hotel offers additional services, such as beauty treatments and relaxing massages. To rest just a couple of hours and go on a trip to Tunisia, you can stay in the so-called hotels for an hour.

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This is what attracts most foreigners. Courses of this procedure are varied. Some are aimed at maintaining beauty, while others are aimed at improving health. There is also a course on smoking cessation. During the procedure, algae and sea water are used.


The name of the country Tunisia comes from the name of the fish – “tuna”. The fact is that Tunisian cuisine is rich in dishes, the main ingredients of which are tuna. Also, locals are very fond of different spices. You should also try the traditional tea with mint, almonds and pine nuts.

Last Minute Hotels in Tunisia

Every tourist will have a question where it is better to relax in Tunisia. We will help you make your choice.

Tour to Sousse

Favorite place for young people. The noisy streets are full of various entertainment venues. Hotels here differ in price, so everyone, regardless of financial capabilities, will find a place to sleep and have fun. Sousse is best known for its vibrant nightlife.

Tour to Monastir

At first it may seem that this is an ordinary city where locals just live their lives. In principle, the way it is, but in Monastir a separate resort area has been allocated. There are hotels where you can stay for a vacation. This is a very noble city, because it was here that the first president of Tunisia once lived. If you want to have some fun, you can go to Sousse, which is located very close by.

Tour to Hammamet

It is in Hammamet that the best architectural creations of the country are located. Villas of incredible beauty, rich gardens …. all this delights and inspires. During the day you can relax on the beach, and in the evening break away in nightclubs. This is why Hammamet is loved by celebrities all over the world.

Tour to Mahdia

The small but beautiful resort of Mahdia welcomes visitors with an incredible atmosphere of tranquility and tranquility. This is the best place for families with children in Tunisia. Clear water, soft sand, beautiful nature inspires you to know yourself and reconsider your attitude to life. Mahdia is famous for its SPA-salons, where you can not only relax, but also improve your health. Jewelery lovers can purchase incredibly beautiful jewelry here, which Tunisians make with their own hands.

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