Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

Travel to the Carpathians
+ Hoverla
(Lutsk – Yaremche – Mikulichin – Polyanitsa – Yablunitsa – Vorohta – Lutsk)

Trip price : 2300 UAH

2800 UAH (with meals)

* For participants of anti-terrorist operation and children till 12 years the price 2200 UAH

📅July : 8-9-10, 15-16-17, 22-23-24, 29-30-31

📅August : 5-6-7, 12-13-14, 19-20-21, 26-27-28

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093-691-85-28 (VIBER)

Travel program:

Day 1.

06.00Departure from Lutsk (Hotel Ukraine) on a tour to the Carpathians + Hoverla

05.20 – Departure from Rivne (shopping center “Pokrovsky”, stop shop “Flowers”).
08.30 – Departure from Lviv (near the hotel Lviv). We will specify time and place of departure from other cities individually.
09.00 stop for breakfast.

11.30 – 12.30 – we visit the Yaremche souvenir market, here we provide you with free time (you can buy interesting souvenirs,

yaremcha suvenirnyj rynok - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

admire the beauty of the waterfall “Breakthrough”

vodospad probii - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

visit the famous restaurant “Hutsul region”). At the market you can buy a carved mug, warm knitted wool socks, handmade clay tableware, traditional embroidery or even a warm blanket – all that the Carpathians are rich in. The waters of the Prut come down from a height of 8 meters. Most of the Carpathian waterfalls can be seen only from the river valleys, and Breakthrough – from all possible angles.

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13.30- 16.30 – Excursion to the rocks of Dovbush – “The Mysterious World of the Rock City” (entrance Tickets opl. Additional) (height up to 30 meters). Chaotically arranged groups of stones, where according to legend, hid his gold and jewelry Oleksa Dovbush. The Dovbush Trail may or may not tell you all about the leader of the Carpathian rebels, but it will give you an idea of ​​where the rebels’ hideout was probably in the middle of the 18th century.

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In addition, it is just nice to wander here: wooded slopes, large boulders overgrown with bright green moss, fresh air, saturated with the smell of pine needles, silence and incredible scenery.

igor melika dnister 22 26 08 2012 4 bubnyshche - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla13.30 – 14.00 – lunch in the fresh air (at the request of tourists) or in a cafe;

16.30 – 17.00 – Arrival at the place of residence and check-in at the hotel.

17.00 – 20.00 – JIP RIDING: Excursion jeep tours in the Carpathians will definitely add drive to your vacation. After driving in jeeps in the mountains for several hours you will have a sea of impressions and emotions, as well as many cool photos and videos.

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20.15 – Rest in a comfortable hotel, where in the evening we can relax and recharge for the next day. Free time (barbecue, gazebo at your service). Dinner at the hotel (when booking a tour with meals).

Photos of the accommodation can be viewed here

Day 2.

7:00 – wake up and have a good breakfast (when booking a tour with food)
7:30 – go on a tour – the conquest of the highest peak in Ukraine – Mount Hoverla – 2061 meters above sea level.
9:00 – we start climbing the town of Hoverla. Every Ukrainian must conquer the highest point of the country, admire the incredible scenery, take photos, buy souvenirs and just drink hot tea on top of the mountain amid the rustle of wind and peace. Hoverla is beautiful in any weather, and having conquered it once you will definitely want to be there again!

hoverla shapka 1 - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla14:30 – 15:00 – free time!
15:30 – 16:00 – lunch, at the request of tourists.

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17.30Arrival at the settlement. Free time. Dinner (when booking a tour with meals)
* For all who wish, an additional attraction – cooking in vats over low heat – all that the participants of the tour like. To make the “tourist soup” richer, various dried herbs are added to the water. Cooks are on duty swimming in a cool mountain river that flows nearby. This contrast will help you maintain tone throughout the week and give an unforgettable experience of the trip.

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Day 2.

07.30-08.00 – We wake up and have a good breakfast.
08.00 – We leave for new impressions on a tour of Verkhovyna.
10.00 – 11.00 – Visit the Roman Kumlik Museum, a private museum opened by Roman Kumlik on January 7, 2000 and located in the family home. The owner has been collecting materials for 30 years. These are household items, ancient Hutsul clothing, tools, banknotes of different times and a lot of interesting things about the life of Hutsuls. A special pride of the museum is the collection of musical instruments. During the tour we will immerse ourselves in the real atmosphere of the holiday!

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11.30 – 12.30 – visit the house-museum “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” – acquaintance with the history of the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. The museum has exhibits from the life and work of prominent people; from everyday life and ethnography; from the historical and architectural heritage. In this house during the filming of “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” in 1963-1964. The film’s director Sergei Parajanov lived. The film’s creative team also spent time here: cameraman Yuri Ilyenko, artist Georgy Yakutovich, actors Ivan Mikolaychuk, Larisa Kadochnikova and others.

1148843 original - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

12.45 – 14.45 – To fully get to know the Hutsuls, their character, customs, cuisine, we invite you to visit the Hutsul party. During the party you will find:

  • Dishes of Hutsul cuisine: white mushroom soup, banosh with cheese, tea from fragrant medicinal Carpathian herbs …
  • Singing and dancing from the Hutsul chapel “Drimba”;
  • Hutsul dance master classes: hutsulka, sieve, dove; Hutsul songs, chants, songs about the Carpathians;
  • And dances, dances, dances to incendiary Hutsul music.

Вам понравится!

zabava - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

15.15 – 16.00 – We visit the Museum of Hutsul Magic. It presents exhibits about the Carpathian sorcerers and sorcerers – molfars. According to legend, they are the bearers of ancient magical knowledge, have magical (psychic) ​​abilities. You can learn about the customs and secrets of Carpathian sorcerers in the walls of this unusual museum. In particular, there is equipment that healers use to create potions or spells to help people. In the museum you can get acquainted with the practice of two strongest molfars – Andrei Atamanyuk (goya) and Mikhail Nechay.

depositphotos 276202064 xl 2015 - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

18.00 – arrival at the settlement, dinner (when booking a tour with meals), free time.
*** For all who wish, an additional attraction – cooking in vats over low heat – all that the participants of the tour like. To make the “tourist soup” rich, various dried herbs are added to the water. Cooking alternates with bathing in cool water. This contrast will help you maintain tone throughout the week and give an unforgettable experience of the trip.

Photos of the accommodation can be viewed here

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Day 3.
08.00 – 09.00 – Again, everyone wakes up and has a good breakfast. (When booking a tour with food).
09.00 – Check out (with things)
09.30 – 12.00 – enjoy a holiday for the soul at GK Bukovel! In addition to skiing for tourists, we offer a huge range of additional entertainment in the vast territory of the tourist complex “Bukovel”:

057948 20180928 9100 - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

SPA HOLIDAY: VODA day & nightclub, located on the shores of the largest artificial lake in Europe. In winter, the “VODA” club operates in the SPA format. There is an atmosphere of relaxation, so this is a great place to relax your muscles. Warm up in the pools and saunas:

  • all-season warm pool: depth 1.5 m, temperature 32-34 ºC;
  • 4 outdoor jacuzzis, temperature 32-36 ºC;
  • Mediterranean sauna, 55-60 ºC, humidity – 55%;
  • Finnish sauna, 80-110 ° C, 10-15% humidity, made of Canadian cedar;
  • Roman steam room, 35-40 ° С, humidity 98-100%;
  • salt cave, 22-24 ºC, humidity 50-60%.

voda klub 2 - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

Professionals of “VODA club” will help to get rid of the accumulated toxins and salts. Massage therapists have prepared for you 10 types of massage, including classical and stone massage, as well as peeling. You will be pleasantly surprised!

BIKE ZIP: this is an opportunity to ride a bike on the cable car that stretches across Lake Molodosti and enjoy the panoramic view of the Carpathians! The total length of one journey is 560 m. Experience the taste of adventure and crazy drive together with BIKE ZIP.

10 - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

THE LONGEST TROLLEY IN UKRAINE: Trolls are a fast descent on a roller on steeply sloping ropes. Bukovel trolley flight is a real aerial adventure! In 100 seconds you can fly from the top of Mount Bukovel to the center of the resort – on the roof of the parking lot №2. The length of the Bukovel trolley is 1130 meters with a height difference of more than 190 m! The attraction has 3 lines, is one of the 10 longest in Europe and is the longest in Ukraine!

trolej - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

“BUKOVEL HILLS” is a completely new extreme entertainment for all lovers of vivid impressions. This is a zipline suspended on ropes between trees, with ascents, descents and steep turns. The total length of the “Roller Coaster zipline” is more than 500 m. At a height of up to 15 m. Visiting the “Bukovel Hills”, you will get a sea of cool and unforgettable emotions.

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13.30 – 14.00 – Lunch in the cafe (optional).

12.30 – 15.30 – Visitors to the pasture “Peppers”!) You will be greeted by wonderful hosts, an ancient Hutsul hut with a unique color, folk musicians. An unusual valley with neat alleys, beautiful trails and ethnic sculptures will amaze everyone. Incredible landscapes and delicious ecological food, ancient customs and live music will not let you get bored). A trip to the pastures, acquaintance with Hutsul culture, life and skills of mountaineers gives every tourist the opportunity to feel a little Hutsul for a moment.

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16.10 – 16.15Purchase and tasting of beer in the village of Mikulichin. Opened in 2002, the brewery brews beer in a natural way, producing it under the “Hutsulskaya” brand. Hutsul roams for 7 days and matures for another 14 days. Honey and Dark, Light “Jubilee” and White “Hutsul” are cooked here. Honey, by the way, for Honey beer is taken from their own apiary.

Degustatsiya piva - Travel to the Carpathians + Hoverla

16.30 – departure from. Yaremche.

22.00 – return to Lutsk (approximately). We will specify the time and place of return to other cities individually.

The tour price includes:

  • travel by comfortable bus or minibus;
  • hotel accommodation 2, 3, 4-bed rooms to choose from;
  • accompaniment of the guide-leader on all route;
  • insurance policy (group)

The tour price does not include:

Entrance tickets to excursion facilities, namely:

  • Ecological collection of Hoverla – 30 UAH, children – 15 UAH;
  • Dovbush rocks – UAH 30, children – UAH 15;
  • ticket for the chairlift in Bukovel – UAH 150, children under 12 – UAH 100;
  • Polonyna “Peppers” – adults – 200 UAH, children – 160 UAH (Includes music master class, tasting of cheeses and liqueurs in the valley “Peppers”)
  • jeep riding (1500 UAH / car; max. 6 people)

Alternatively, on the second day of travel:

  • House-museum of the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” – UAH 25. / People;
  • Museum named after Roman Kumlik – UAH 35, Children – UAH 25.
  • Hutsul entertainment – 200 -250 hryvnias. (Depending on the group);
  • Museum of Magic – UAH 30. / People;
  • breakfast, dinner (80-120 UAH)
  • services of a professional guide
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, etc.).

Entrance tickets to various entertainment in Bukovel (for example .. swimming in VodaClub) – location and other details of this entertainment will always be with the group leader.

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