Travel to Lviv
Travel to Lviv

Trip price :   650 UAH

  📅 Май: 2, 8

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Travel program:


08.20 – Departure from Lutsk for a tour to Lviv (Ukraine Hotel).

07.00 – Departure from Rivne (Pokrovsky shopping center near the flower shop).

08.30-09.00 – stop in Brody (breakfast, toilet).

10.30 – 11.30 – Arrival in Lviv, ascent to the High Castle (under favorable weather conditions). This is a whole complex of monuments, here is the High Castle park, which was founded in 1835, the settlement of the ancient Russian city of Lviv, a grotto and sculptures of lions, and the remains of the High Castle itself, which was built in the 13th century under the leadership of the Galicia-Volyn prince Leo on Zamkova grief.

lviv z vysokogo zamku - Travel to Lviv11.30 – 14.00 – Excursion around the city of Lviv – one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, where you can feel the European charm, love for harmony and beauty. Graceful houses, flowers on the facades, bright and original shop windows, small cozy cafes give it a special flavor. We will go through the old town, where we will see the Bernardine monastery, the Jewish quarter, the Dominican monastery, the Kornyakt Tower, Rynok Square, City Hall, st. Armenian and more…

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14.00 – 15.00 – lunch.

15.00 – 15.30 – We rise to the Town Hall. Here you can admire the views of the ancient city, dream, make a wish … The modern town hall has a rectangular shape. This is a four-story building with a courtyard and a three-tiered square tower 65 meters high. Also, everyone can see the mechanism of one of the oldest clocks in Ukraine.

15.30 – 20.00 – Free time. Savoring real coffee in “Copy coffee”, as well as the Lviv eatery – “Kraivka”, the weapons museum “Arsenal” and much more. You can use your free time to visit incredibly romantic cafes, and only in Lviv you can dine on the roof of the house in the restaurant “Terrazza” (on the seventh floor, visitors can see not only architectural monuments, but also feel the spirit of the ancient “museum city” ).
20.00 – Departure from Lviv (the bus will be near the Powder Tower).
22.00 – Return to Lutsk.

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We also recommend visiting in your free time:
– Kryivka (top 1 coffee house in Lviv, which is located on Rynok Square)
– Aquapark “Plyazh”, st. Princess Olga, 114;
– Cafe Masoch (Serbskaya, 7);
– House of Legends (Old Jewish, 48);
– Under the Golden Rose (Old Hebrew, 22). There are no prices on the menu, you have to bargain;
– Kerosene lamp (Armenianskaya, 20) Try gasoline, gas and petroleum;
– Attend a performance at the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre. Solomiya Krushelnytska (on request we can order tickets to the opera)

NEW 2020 – A grandiose “OCEANARIUM LVIV ” was opened in Lviv! (On Shevchenko Avenue, 8). This is a museum of living marine nature with several dozen aquariums of various sizes that contain fish of various species, and also in which there is a museum of shells, and the walls are decorated mock-ups of historical fish and fabulous creatures, sends you on an exciting educational journey and many other interesting things.
There are marine inhabitants from different parts of the world. They brought here, in particular, 20 small sharks and three varieties of rays. There are also dogfish and clownfish. Private pool with predatory freshwater fish

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The tour price includes:

  • travel by tourist class bus;
  • accompaniment of a guide-leader along the entire route;
  • insurance policy (group)
  • services of a professional guide

The tour price does not include:

Entrance tickets to excursion objects, namely:

  • City Arsenal: 50 UAH for adults, 15 UAH for children.
  • Italian courtyard: 20 UAH per person.
  • Ascent to the City Hall 40 UAH per person
  • Oceanarium – 250 UAH. adult, 150 UAH. children’s.
  • Personal expenses (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, souvenirs). Personal expenses (souvenirs, etc.).

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