Transcarpathian Voyage
Transcarpathian Voyage

Tour price:  2400 UAH

📅 June: 3-4-5

       📅 July: 29-30-31

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Travel program:

Day 1.

5:00 – departure from Lutsk.
Schönborn Castle. Our journey will begin with a visit to an amazing architectural structure, similar to a small fairy-tale castle, which is called a hunting palace, is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved palaces in Ukraine. The castle is surrounded by the greenery of a beautiful English park, the trees of which amaze with their power. We will walk through the woods and look into the most secret corners of the Schönborn Palace.

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Saint Miklos Castle. Saint Miklos is unlike other castles, there are no jagged walls, no suspension bridges, no sharp towers. This is a small two-storey building with a tiled roof. There is no “regular” ghost in it. Only two towers, a large number of loopholes and a meter-thick walls testify to his tragic military history. When the castle was protected by ditches, ramparts, rivers (they are long gone). In seven centuries it has changed many owners and the legendary was the Hungarian Princess Ilona Zrini, whose story you will hear while visiting this castle.

sentmiclosh 10 tmb 1200x628xfill - Transcarpathian VoyagePalanok. The ancient castle can be seen from whichever side you approached Mukachevo. Wrapped in legends and military glory, it crowns with its mighty fortress buildings a lone sharp hill long extinct ancient volcano rising on the surrounding plain.

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The castle is shrouded in interesting legends and has a difficult history. The impregnable fortress could not be obtained by a sudden attack or a prolonged siege. However, we will easily climb one of the bastions and add a wonderful panoramic photo to the collection.
Check-in at the hotel, dinner, free time.

Day 2.

08:00 – Breakfast, departure for excursions.

Mineral springs p. Kelechin and the Diet. Transcarpathia has long been famous for its mineral springs, of which there are 300! Each source has its own special composition and properties of water. We will try and compare the water of Kelechinsky and Soyminskoe springs.

oyumu - Transcarpathian VoyageBrown Bear Rehabilitation Center. This is the only rehabilitation center for bears in Ukraine and Europe, opened in the Synevyr National Nature Park in late 2011. Anyone can look at wild beasts that have suffered from human domination. Both adults and children enjoy watching bathing animals in the pond or their exciting games. Now there are about 20 clubfoot in the center.

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Lake Synevir. Shrouded in gray legends, Lake Synevyr is located in the middle of the picturesque Carpathian nature at an altitude of 988 m above sea level.

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Synevyr’s waters are so clear and transparent that trout feel good in them – a fish that can live only in crystal clear water. The lake was formed as a result of an earthquake, three mountain streams flow into it, maintaining a high water level at any time of year. Pleso lake pulls blue, but right in the middle of the water is a small island. This picture is like a blue eye with a dark eye in the center – that’s why Synevyr got his second, very romantic name: Sea Eye.

A real Hutsul hut. Welcome to this Hutsul hut, where real ancient elements of Hutsul life are organically woven. You will learn how the Hut – a seasonal home for shepherds and loggers, common in the mountainous regions of the Carpathians has turned into Hutsul restaurants, where you can try delicious and unusual traditional dishes.

Cable car to Mount Gimba. We will visit the longest lift in Transcarpathia. Its length is 1650 meters, the ascent takes 20 minutes one way. From a bird’s eye view we will admire the Borzhavsky ridge from a bird’s eye view and will replenish the collection with beautiful views. The Carpathians are very picturesque mountains, but the view from Gemba probably breaks all photogenic records.

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Shipot Waterfall. In the shade of trees we get to the famous waterfall of the Carpathians – Shipit, which in popularity among the nearby attractions is second only to Synevyr. Every year tens of thousands of travelers come to see and admire it. Every season, Shipot is beautiful in its own way. Around him the forest, coolness and silence. “Shipit” is noisy, jets of water burst from a height of 14 meters in several stages and beautiful splashes are scattered by a cloud of drops.
Return to our hotel, dinner, free time.

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Day 3.

08:00 – breakfast, check-out. Moving to Kosino.

Kosino Health and Recreation Complex is a hot mineral pool with different temperatures and properties, which are located on the territory of a 200-year-old oak grove. This is fascinating and gives the impression of being in a dense forest.

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The territorial location of the complex near the border with Hungary has significantly influenced the style in which it is executed. Basically, it is the Austro-Hungarian style, which corresponds to the white plaster and brown wood, special carvings on it.

Cleanliness, comfort and truly European service will allow you not only to enjoy warm water, but also to relax from everyday affairs. In addition, you and I will definitely visit and compare the complex of baths, the most popular in the world.

Hungarian cuisine was distinguished by dishes prepared using red peppers, tomatoes and green peppers (the famous Hungarian goulash, chicken paprikash with dumplings and cabbage rolls). And yet – onions. The most famous variety of onion – “mako” – is grown in the vicinity of Kaluga, in the southern part of Hungary. Pork is traditionally used from meat.

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In almost all national dishes, the leading role is given to paprika – for example, goulash (something between thick soup and meat stew), perekelt (stew, which is dominated by chopped onions), tokan (dish similar to perekelt) and paprikash (paprikash is called all dishes with sour cream sauce and paprika), pork meat soups.

We will have a great opportunity to try it all and choose dishes to taste. We especially recommend trying the pride of the Hungarian Nation cuisine – bograch.

Wine tasting. In the wine center of Transcarpathia, we will taste wines from local winemakers. Here you will learn why Transcarpathian wines are so delicious and choose the one you like best to bring home as a gift.

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Coming back home. Arrival in Lutsk 23:30.

The tour price includes:

  • transport and excursion service;
  • accompaniment by a company guide;
  • hotel accommodation for 2 and 3-bed rooms with amenities;
  • tasting of 14 types of wines.
  • insurance
  • good mood

The tour price does not include:

  • food (60 UAH breakfast, 80 UAH lunch, 80 UAH dinner)
  • entrance tickets (Schenborn Palace 15 UAH / person, St. Miklos Castle 15 UAH / person, Mukachevo Castle 40 UAH / person, lake
  • Synevir 25 UAH / person, children. bear center 25 UAH / person, Shipot waterfall 10 UAH / person, cable car 100 UAH / person,
  • thermal pools “Kosino” 400 UAH / person.)
  • optional excursions.

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