Sri Lanka

Bez nazvaniya - Sri Lanka

Capital: Colombo (Shri Jayavanapura Kotte)SHri Lanka - Sri Lanka

Language: Sinhalese, Tamil
Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity
Currency: Sri Lanka Rupee (SLR / LKR)
Visa: electronically confirmed or by arrival at the airport

Sri Lanka – official name of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

The official capital of Sri Jayawardenepura-Kotte (the seat of the Parliament and the Supreme Court), the actual capital: Colombo (the seat of the order, the residence of the President).

The beaches are of unique beauty, the water is warm, the weather is fine, the hotels are well-equipped… Everything is to be done in Sri Lanka, which is incredibly popular among tourists. It’s impossible to forget the place! It was created for those who like to swim, to dazzle and enjoy the unique beauty of nature.

Let’s go to Sri Lanka, let’s see what we’re going to take to the other world: ruh, metushnya, that we live life. The beautiful architecture and friendliness of the city dwellers suit you obov’yazkovo. Honeymoon beating the Indian Ocean will become a wonderful cob of family life. So, you can book a spring photo session on aphids of exotic beaches. Remember for all life!

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You can’t walk around Sri Lanka, so you need to know which transport is best to travel in this area. The best transport, of course, is a car with a driver. Only this pleasure is quite expensive. The machine is convenient because you do not need to make any transplants.

If you come in a group and can no longer afford a car, a bus will come to your aid. There are a lot of them here, so you won’t have to wait long. And, of course, the train. They do not go everywhere, only to major cities, and not very often.

You can move inside the city on a tuk-tuk. Traditional transport, which is very similar to a three-legged creature. It is not only convenient to ride, but also interesting, because you can get a closer look at all the most interesting sights.

Entertainment in Sri Lanka


The waves of the Indian Ocean are crashing against the shores of Sri Lanka. Even in the swing season, the water here is enough to surf. From December to April the waves are small, so this period is ideal for beginners in this sport. From May to November, the hot season for surfing begins, as the waves reach 3.5 meters.

Sea fisherman

Sri Lanka is a paradise for fishermen. More than a thousand different species of fish live in coastal waters. Locals love to have fun after a successful fishing trip.


There are many rivers in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka. Their waters are calm, which allows you to peacefully go canoeing and enjoy the beauty of local nature. Uninhabited wild forests are especially attractive to tourists. This is never forgotten!


Lagoons from a height of flight look like a real paradise! That is why windsurfing is so popular in Sri Lanka. The instructor will make sure that the flight is without accidents.


There are almost no cool shopping malls, but many shops with interesting little things. All the goods presented in them reflect the national characteristics and traditions of the local population. While here, be sure to buy the famous Ceylon tea.

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Sri Lanka resorts are distinguished by their beauty, exoticism and even a certain wildness.


A town that combines a romantic atmosphere and colorful landscapes. This resort features crystal clear water, soft sandy beaches and exotic plants. How nice to lie under a palm tree and watch the blue waves crash against the shore. The water is so clear that you can see turtles and crawfish crawling along the bottom.

Arugam Bay

The first thing you notice here is the extremely clean sand. Here you can see how wild elephants live. It is possible to go diving and explore the underwater world. There are several hotels on the territory of Arugam Bay, where you can stay for a holiday.


The Pasikuda jungle has never been inhabited by humans, so wildlife abounds here in all its glory. Not only tourists but also Sri Lankans like to spend weekends here. It seems that two radically different worlds have merged here: the green jungle and the sandy beach. He sunbathed in the sun, and then went to meet the adventures.

Attractions of Sri Lanka

Elephant Sanctuary in Pinavella

Here you can not only look at the elephants, but also ride them. This adventure will be remembered by you for a long time.

Adam’s Little Peak

This is the name of the mountain in Eli. If you climb it early in the morning, you will see an unforgettable view.

Yalla National Park

The reserve covers an area of ​​130,000 hectares. The highlight of the park is the endangered species of Ceylon leopards. Here you can also see elephants, various birds, deer, etc. To look at the wild inhabitants, you can ride a jeep and even spend the night here.

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