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The State of Spain is located on the frontier of Europe, occupying most of theavtonomii i poberezhya   huzhe - SPAIN

Pyrenei Pivostrov. At night between France and Andorra, on the way – from Portugal, at night – from Gibraltar. At night it is washed by the Biskaysky flood, at the exit – by the Mediterranean Sea, at the entrance – by the Atlantic Ocean. There are a number of island groups in Spain – the Balearic Islands and Alboran in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Veles de la Gomera, Alusenas and Chafaranas, as well as the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilia in Morocco (prize Africa).

Warehouse edge area 504.8 ths. sq. km.

The capital of Spain is Madrid.

The best places are Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Alicante, Leon, Salamanca

National currency Euro

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Mostly more and more Ukrainians buy tours to Spain, as it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Spanish cuisine, hot dances, fiery corida, romantic serenades and cheerful atmosphere attract more and more foreigners. Spain maє tsіkavu іstorіyu, about yak rozkazhut preserved architectural memos. Here they lived and created such great specialties like Picasso, Lorca, Guyot, etc. In the bipartite of Spain, you have not thrashed, you will have a lot of positive hostility.

Spain is rich and rich, and you know here those who will be left in your heart forever.

“Atlant Tour” offers its clients a hot tour to Spain at bargain prices. Having listened to all your requests, the managers will take care of the selection of the hotel and the booking of the tickets. The hotels, with the help of a travel agency, are equipped with everything that is necessary for complete support and comfortable living.

Hiking sports

Spain is the land of high mountains. The return was freshly seeped, and the skies were covered with thick snow. Skiers-amateurs and professionals from the rest of the world hurry to Spain to add an hour to their hobby.

School of windsurfing

How could you not be rocky, no matter how hard you learn something new and fun. As if you were lulled by the sea, you can try yourself at windsurfing. You can learn all the basics of this sport in a special school. Instructors will help you to correct the sea wind.


The place of romantics and mriynikiv. Numerous castles, monasteries and churches with a long history have been developed on this territory. Most of them are recognized by UNESCO, as valuable historical monuments. When you enter the city, spend on the majestic fortress, and on the square of St. Teresa you will see the statue of the patroness of the Spanish people.

National Prado Museum

To be found in Madrid on the Boulevard of the Mysteries. The museum collects 700 sculptures and 8.5 yew. Pictures. Here are selected the best robots of different eras. Connoisseurs of art can appreciate the great museum.

Cathedral of the Holy Family

This place is recognized as a UNESCO defender. On the back, the cathedral is built as a magnificent church, but when you are surprised, you begin to think that it was the fault of aliens. Form and decorate the cathedral with chimeric pavements, which will create part of a fantastic world.

The most popular tours to Spain

A place of great memory, resorts in Spain also attract streams of foreigners here.


Ibiza is the light center of night clubs and hot discos. Misce, where party-goers gather from the rest of the planet. Make up music here from night to early. Hot juveniles do not get involved in dancing under the hits of the best DJs. Ale not only tse, ale and beautiful landscapes to woo tourists. It’s just hard to get bored here!

Costa Brava

When talking about recovery in Spain, one cannot fail to think of the Costa Brava. The resort of rotting is in order with a cordon, behind which romantic France has spread. Mіstsevі inhabitants love to call yoga “Shore of the Smiling”. Nature here is simply kazkova: bright beaches, fragrant trees and blue sea. Power resolutely to follow the ecology of the zone, to that in the Costa Brava it is already pure. Obov’yazkovo take children with you, so that they can grow up on different attractions.


Mallorca in Spain – Paradise on earth. Here the leather vіdchuvalnik vіdchuє bohemian. Luxurious hotels, sea breeze, high service level… Nature here is enchanting from the first glance. Do not marvel at such a high-class rіven resort, prices in Majorca are more democratic. There is a lot of rozvag here, from such skins you can choose your own to the soul: repairs on the beach, grace by the natural nature, diving, rock climbing, etc.


This island has already caught up with the vibir shanuvalniks of the beach vіdpochinku. The weather here is always miraculous, and the temperature never drops below 21 degrees. Itself through tse Tenerife is still called the “Island of Eternal Spring”. We just had a lot of bets to go here to spend an unforgettable honeymoon.

Costa del Sol

When translating into Russian, the name of the resort sounds like “sonyachny shore”. Tourists choose the right place in order to simply be kind to all turbos. In the open arena, you can have plenty of drinks, do not be afraid that you are in the tight NATO for you.

Vacation in Spain, without a doubt, bring you immeasurable positive hostility! The travel agency will arrange accommodation for you in a Spanish hotel with an all-inclusive service.

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