Ski tours to Bukovel
Ski tours to Bukovel

Trip price : 1900 UAH
2350 UAH (with meals)
*  For participants of anti-terrorist operation and children till 12 years the price 1800 UAH
Departure from cities: LUTSK, EXACTLY LVIV

📅April :  1-2-3

Call for reservations

096-062-03-29  (VIBER)

093-691-85-28 (VIBER)

Travel program:

Day 1.

22-50 – Departure from Lutsk on a tour to Bukovel (Hotel Ukraine, Slovatsky Street, 2). We will specify time and place of departure from other cities individually. Overnight transfer to the Carpathians.

23-00 – Departure from Rivne (shopping center “Pokrovsky” near the flower shop). Overnight transfer to the Carpathians.

02-30 – Departure from Lviv (from the hotel “Lviv”).
06-00 – 07-30 (Friday or Monday) – Check-in at the hotel, breakfast time (if some rooms are occupied by tourists – just leave things in a special place).

Photos of the hotel where we will stay can be seen here
07-40 – 08-10 – Selection of ski equipment (Austrian quality skis and snowboards).
08-10 – Moving to Bukovel.
08-30 – 09-00 – Purchase of season tickets
09-00 – 17-00Skiing at the ski resort “Bukovel”. By agreement with the group we can stay for evening skiing (until 19-00).

bukovel mini - Ski tours to Bukovel
In addition to skiing, in the “Bukovel country” you have the opportunity to have a wonderful and unforgettable time, because here at your service and pools with a water temperature of +34 C, regardless of weather conditions, and ice rink, and snow tubes, and dog sledding, snowmobiling, etc.
17-30 – settlement in a hotel. Free time (opportunity to fry kebabs, relax with company, visit the sauna).

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Day 2.

07-30 – 08-00 – Breakfast.
08-00 – Moving to Bukovel.
08-30 – 09-00 – Purchase of ski passes
09-00 – 17-00 – Skiing at the ski resort “Bukovel” (and many proposed activities in Bukovel).

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17-30 – Return to the hotel. Free time (opportunity to bathe in tubs, visit the sauna).

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Day 3.

07-30 – 08-00 Breakfast (by arrangement with the owner of the estate – eviction from the hotel to occur after skiing, or in the morning, if the next group of tourists arrives).
08-00 – Transfer to the ski resort “Bukovel”.
08-30 – 09-00 – Purchase of ski passes

bukovel - Ski tours to Bukovel

09-00 – 15-30 Skiing at the ski resort “Bukovel”.

16-00 – We rent ski equipment.

16-30 – 17-00 – we pick up things from the hotel, change clothes and the like.

17-00 – Departure to the house.

19-45 – Arrival in Lviv.

23-30 – Return to Lutsk from the tour to Bukovel

23.00 – 23.30 – return to Rivne (approximately). We will specify the time and place of return to other cities individually (Slavuta, Neteshin, Ostrog, Zdolbunov, Dubno, Brody).

Photos of the hotel where we will stay can be seen here

In addition to skiing, we offer tourists a huge range of additional entertainment.
huge territory of the tourist complex “Bukovel”:

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SPA rest
VODA club, located on the shores of a large lake. This unique complex offers an all-season outdoor and indoor pool with a constant water temperature of 32-34 ° C, an area of 300 square meters, whirlpools and water geysers. In winter, there is a relaxation area for up to 200 people.

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There is a whole range of services at your disposal: a Roman steam room, a Mediterranean sauna and a Finnish sauna with adjustable humidity, which is made of Canadian cedar, has healing powers and a natural wonderful aroma. In addition, to improve immunity and get rid of a number of ailments, it is worth visiting the salt cave.

voda club spa03 - Ski tours to Bukovel

TC “Bukovel” offers tourists for romantic trips through the woods and peaks of the Carpathians snowmobiles brands: “Yamaha”, “Bomdarbir”, “ArktikKat”. Modern snowmobiles are very easy to manage – everything you need is on the handlebars. He pressed the thumb of his right hand on the throttle lever – went, let go, stopped. Brake levers are located on the left side of the Ocker for emergency stops.
However, you will be accompanied by a specially trained instructor who will set the direction and control the speed.

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Dog sledding
Offered for the first time in Ukraine! An unforgettable sledding trip with Siberian Husky sled dogs on forest trails at the Bukovel ski resort. You can try yourself as a kayur (dog racer).

katanie na sobachih upriazkah 2 - Ski tours to Bukovel

Ice rink
For those who like to skate well, Bukovel Shopping Center is equipped with the best outdoor ice rink in the region, which is located next to the LuckyBull restaurant. Excellent ice condition and skates from leading manufacturers will ensure excellent gliding. In the evening you can watch or take part in a hockey match.

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“Bukovel slides” is a brand new extreme entertainment for all lovers of vivid impressions. This is a zipline suspended on ropes between trees, with ascents, descents and steep turns. The total length of the “Roller Coaster zipline” is more than 500 m. At a height of up to 15 m. Visiting the “Bukovel slides”, you will get a sea of cool and unforgettable emotions.

Bukovelski hirky - Ski tours to Bukovel

Snow tubing
Children and adults of all ages can enjoy exciting snow tubing. Snow tubing does not require special skills or physical training.

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HUTSUL LAND A new park has recently opened in Bukovel. Hutsul Land Ethno Park is a fascinating story about the life and way of life of the mountaineers of the Ukrainian Carpathians: Hutsuls, Boyks and Lemkos. This is an area that combines various recreation areas in the territory of “Bukovel”, which is located in the Lake of Youth. One of the main sites is the open-air museum. It differs from ordinary museums in that it has interact with guests – you can go inside the house, which is about 200 years old, sit on a bench and watch the fire burn in the oven, try to grind wheat flour in a millstone, weave a path on a real loom , watch how cheese is prepared in a cheese factory and even take part in a theatrical performance of a Hutsul wedding. There is also an area where the contact zoo is located, where live in domestic conditions domestic, exotic, wild animals and birds, which will delight not only children but also adults.

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The tour price includes:

  • travel by comfortable bus or minibus;
  • hotel accommodation 2, 3, 4-bed rooms to choose from;
  • transfer hotel-GK “Bukovel” hotel daily;
  • accompaniment of the guide-leader on all route;
  • insurance policy (group)

The tour price does not include:

Entrance tickets to excursion facilities, namely:

  • rental of a set of ski equipment from 200-250 UAH (skis, sticks, helmet, boots)
  • ski suit 200 UAH, ski jacket and pants 100 UAH;
  • the cost of season tickets for lifts

• Low season (until 17.12)
• 1 day – 650 regular, 450 preferential
• 3:00 – 400 regular, 300 discounted

• High season (from 17.12 – 18.03)
• 1 day – 1050 regular, 750 preferential
• 3:00 – 650 regular, 450 discounted

  • Parking in Bukovel (divided into groups)
  • breakfast, dinner (90-150 UAH)
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, etc.).
  • Entrance tickets to various entertainments in Bukovel (swimming in VodaClub, snowmobiles, snow tubes, zorbs, etc.) – location and other details of these entertainments will always be with the group leader
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