Pearls of Lviv region
Pearls of Lviv region
(Lutsk – Pidhirtsi – Olesko – Lviv – Lutsk)

Trip cost: 1050 UAH 

* Для For anti-terrorist operation participants and children under 12 the price is UAH 950

📅 June: 22

                                                                                                               📅 July :  24

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Travel program:

День 1.

06.00 – Departure from Lutsk for the “Pearls of Lviv Region” tour (from the Ukraina Hotel, 2 Slovatskoho Street). The time and place of departure from other cities will be specified individually.

Stop for breakfast, toilet.

10.30 – 12.00 –– Pidhirtsi Palace is one of the most precious pearls of the “historical and architectural collection” of Western Ukraine. Imbued with interesting historical facts and mystical stories – Pidhirtsi Palace attracts tourists from around the world. Pidhirtsi Castle is the pride of the Golden Horseshoe of Ukrainian castles. Its ensemble includes a three-story palace, an inn, a church and a park. Pidhirtsi Castle was built in the XVII century. French engineer Boplan. This castle is more like a palace than a fortress, and contrasts sharply with the stern, militant outposts of Podillya.

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Lunch time.

13.00 – 14.40 – The ancient Olesky Castle is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful ornaments in the treasury of Ukrainian and even European history. The stern walls of this unique building have kept the secrets of kings for hundreds of years, and thousands of tourists come here every day in search of interesting knowledge and impressions. One of the most famous castles in the Lviv region, revived from complete ruin. Samples of decorative and applied medieval art are now on display here.

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Olesky Castle is a place of famous exhibits. Historians have more than 1,500 exhibits, including many Ukrainian icons, wooden sculptures, a marble bust of Queen Barbara Radziwill, a portrait of tycoon Mykola Vasyl Potocki, the battle painting “Battle of Vienna”, a unique collection of works by sculptor Ivan Pinzel, Western European Baroque and Mannerism, original furniture of the 17th-18th centuries and many other valuable historical monuments.

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15.40 – 19.00 – We walk through the colorful city of Leo, free time. Tasting of real coffee in “Kopalny kavy”, as well as Lviv pub – “Kryivka”, museum of weapons “Arsenal” and much more.

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You can also use your free time to visit incredibly romantic cafes, but only in Lviv you can dine on the roof of the house in the restaurant “Terrazza” (on the seventh floor, visitors will be able to see not only architectural monuments but also the spirit of the ancient “city” -museum “), or visit the Italian courtyard, enjoy the colorful streets from a walk around Lviv.

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(OCEANARIUM LVIV ”! (On Shevchenko Avenue, 8). It is a museum of wild marine nature with several dozen aquariums of various sizes in which fish of different species are kept, as well as a museum of seashells and walls decorated with models of historical fish and fairy tales. creatures that send you on an exciting educational journey and much more.

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There are marine life from around the world. In particular, 20 small sharks and three species of stingrays were brought here. There are also dog fish and clown fish. Separate pool with predatory freshwater fish.

19.00 – Departure home.

22.00-22: 30 – Return to Lutsk.

The tour price includes:

  • travel by comfortable bus or minibus;
  • accompaniment of the guide-guide on all route;
  • insurance policy (group).

The tour price does not include:

Entrance tickets to sightseeing facilities, namely:

  • Pidhirtsi Castle: UAH 60 for adults, UAH 20 for children.
  • Olesky Castle: UAH 90 for adults, UAH 20 for children, UAH 60 for discounts.
  • Italian courtyard: UAH 20 per person.
  • Climb to the City Hall: UAH 50 per person
  • Oceanarium – UAH 250. adult, UAH 150 children (up to 13 years old), children from 14 years old and students – UAH 200.
  • the service of a professional local guide to the castles – is divided into groups
  • Personal expenses (lunch, dinner, souvenirs)

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