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The Republic of Montenegro is located in the southwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders withCHernogoriya - Montenegro

States: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia. Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea. The length of land borders is about 614 kilometers, the coastline – about 300 kilometers. From the shores of Montenegro to the southeastern coast of Italy – 200 kilometers from the Adriatic.

The area of the country is 13,812 square meters. km.

The capital of Montenegro is Cetinje.

The largest cities are Podgorica, Budva, Dubrovnik, and Tivat.

The national currency is the Euro

On the Balkan Peninsula is a country with incredibly beautiful nature – Montenegro. Many foreigners compare it to Turkey and even Crimea. The beauty of this country captivates at first sight and remains in the memory forever. The amazing history of the country is reflected in the unique monuments.



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Most Montenegrins live in small villages with mountainous landscapes. All of them are friendly and welcome foreign tourists.

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Most tourists travel to this beautiful country in September and it is not surprising why. Unlike Ukraine, the weather in Montenegro during this period is simply beautiful. Not hot, not stuffy, just warm. September is the perfect time for water sports, and in the second half of the month, when the weather begins to change, you can devote your holiday to wellness treatments.

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Spring and summer spent here will seem like a real fairy tale to you. Petrovac is located at the exit to the Adriatic Sea. The town captivates with its rocks and nature. You can look at all this beauty forever!

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The quiet Stolev is located in the Bay of Kotor, where mountain winds sometimes blow. The climate and weather of this place, especially in spring and autumn, are especially suitable for lung patients. Flora of Stolev includes 548 species of plants.


In the south of the Bay of Kotor, the town of Krasichi is spread. You can admire the waves of the sea from a small hill, which makes the local landscapes especially colorful. It is here that the only ship repair company in the world is located.

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Saint Stephen

From this small village you can see the beautiful island of the same name Sveti Stefan. Here you can spend time really calmly and without unnecessary nerves. There are two beaches in the village of Sveti Stefan: private, owned by the Aman Sveti Stefan hotel and public with unlimited access. Most of the hotels are close to the beach, so you won’t have to walk long. You can have a bite to eat in local cafes and restaurants.

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In the southeastern part of the Adriatic Sea there is a small town with a minimum number of inhabitants. Tivat Airport is very close, so getting to it is very easy. The nature of Kumbor remains the same as many centuries ago, because the inhabitants are trying in every possible way to protect it.


Bigovo is intended for people who want to find solitude in a quiet place. This is a small settlement of fishermen, where no more than 100 people live. You will certainly notice the cleanliness and beauty of the town.

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Budva is part of the Budva Riviera, striking tourists with its rich history. Tivat airport is very close.

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A place of incredible beauty. It was here that some of the first Slavs settled, from whom we resemble.


The sand on the beach is soft, without stones. Whole families like to come here. The mountains are located so close to the sea that it seems as if they have just emerged from the water. There are many restaurants and cafes built right on the waterfront, so you definitely won’t leave hungry.

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Wonders of beautiful Montenegro

Musical town Budva

Representatives of different countries and peoples gather here at the loudest music festivals. But Budva is famous not only for music, but also for its unsurpassed cuisine.

Complex Igalo

The best doctors from all over the world have gathered here. Mineral water and therapeutic mud are what millions of tourists come here for.

St Stephen’s Island

Despite its openness to people, the island has a rich history. Activities include diving and snorkelling.

Njegusi village

In this amazing place you can enjoy the taste of the most exquisite drinks. In addition to aromatic wines, you will also be offered exotic dishes that you can only taste in Njegusi.

Skadar Lake

Crystal clear water resource from all Balkan reservoirs. Pelicans and rare katanas live here.

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