Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. Traveling to this country will make an indelible impression on you and leave the most pleasant memories. On the territory of Italy there are 2 states – the Vatican and San Marino. The official language is Italian (Tuscan dialect). Religion Catholicism. Monetary unit Euro. The climate is mild.

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To date, holidays in Italy are in great demand among tourists. For many years now, people all over the world have not ceased to admire the beauty of this country, rich history, art, delicious wine, high-quality service and the endless sea. There is always celebration and fun here. Holidays in Italy are not limited to sunbathing and sightseeing, you can also go skiing or stroll through fashion boutiques.

Absolutely all of Italy, every corner of it, delights and remains in memory forever. You can order a tour to Italy from Lviv by the sea in our travel agency If air travel is not for you, you can become a member of a bus tour to Italy from Lviv.

Where to visit in Italy


Rome, which many call the “Eternal City”, is the capital of Italy. It was this city that brought together the best examples of the culture of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Classicism and the Renaissance. To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city, it is better to walk around it on foot. So you can get a better view of the Colosseum and the Vatican. The streets of Rome are full of branded shops where you can buy trendy items.


The business center of the country, where everything is spinning in a frenzied whirlpool. It is almost impossible to just walk here, so it is better to travel by metro. The famous La Scala Opera House and the Church of San Ambrogio are located in the city center.


Talented people lived and worked here, enriching the city with architectural, sculptural and artistic monuments. The galleries of Florence hold the best paintings over the centuries. Frescoes in churches attract with their colorfulness and grandiosity. There are so many interesting places in one town that it is difficult to determine where to start.

Venice in Italy

They talk about it, make up legends and even sing songs. Venice is located on 122 islands, which are more and more submerged every year. The sad thing is that over time they will be completely swallowed up by the sea and this will be the end of the history of Venice. But this is still far away, but for now, foreigners come here to see Piazza San Marco, ride a gondola and walk across the Rialto Bridge. There has not yet been a single year when admiring tourists have not visited Venice.

Ski resorts in Italy

Vale D’aosta

This area has the largest number of mountains in all of Italy. Even in summer, there is still snow on the highest cliffs. The nature here is simply amazing. Peak ski season falls between November and April.

Val di Susa

This ski resort is located in western Italy. The nature here is very clean, and the mountains are high. Fresh air makes the rest much more pleasant.


The most prestigious ski resorts are located in this area. It is incredibly beautiful and atmospheric here. The highest mountain in the Dolomites reaches 3345 m. The cost of hotels here depends on the services provided, so everyone, regardless of financial situation, will find where to stay.

Last minute tours to Italy

Despite the amazing history and culture, many vacationers come here for the sake of a resort holiday.

Delicate sand, majestic rocks, calm sea… The romantic atmosphere absorbs and gives indescribable emotions.

Sardinia in Italy

Sardinia is unique due to its formidable mountains, perennial trees, vineyards and fishing villages. An ideal place to connect with nature and try to know yourself.

Adriatic Riviera

A marvelous strip of heavenly pleasure. People come here for luxurious beaches, relaxing atmosphere and upscale hotels.


Emilia-Romagna is located on the Adriatic coast. Soft beaches and calm seas are mixed with modern infrastructure.


There are 300 hotels on this island. The thermal pools remain warm even in winter without falling below 32 degrees.


Gabriele d’Annunzio wrote that this is the most beautiful place in all of Europe. He was struck by the huge vineyards, flowing sand, sharp rocks and blue sea. Calabria enchants and makes you fall in love with yourself.

Lido di Jesolo

One of the most popular resorts in Italy Lido di Jesolo is located near the Atlantic Sea. It is always very warm here and there is practically no wind. The beaches here are very clean, and the prices are democratic. Every 30 min. from Lida di Jesolo there is a bus to Marco Polo airport, so there will be no problems with the return.

We offer you an amazing tour of Italy, which will be remembered for a lifetime!

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