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a country of thousands of islands. More and more Ukrainians dream of visiting thisindonezia map - Indonesia

amazing place. You will be delighted with such a trip!

Almost the entire territory of the Indonesian islands is a jungle where wild animals live. Some civilizations here are so behind the development that they can be attributed to the Stone Age. There are many architectural sights on the islands that have survived historical events. But the most popular in Indonesia are resorts, for which most tourists come here.

Most foreigners simply adore holidays in Bali, where prices surprise with their affordability. This incredible island has many positive, attractive qualities. In the travel agency “Atlant Tour” you can buy tours to Bali from Kyiv at extremely reasonable prices. We will listen to your wishes and determine which hotel would be best for you to stay.

Indonesia is open for tourists from 9.02. To select a tour, write to viber 093 691 85 28 or 096 062 03 29

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You can talk a lot about Bali, but we will stop at the main resorts.

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Not far from the airport is the settlement of Kuta with its incredible resort. This place is considered the center of surfing in the country. Beginners can take preparatory courses here if they want to get serious about this sport. Kuta is mostly visited by young people who like to party and have fun, and not just lie in the sun and drink wine in a hotel. You can spend your free time in cheap cafes, and spend the night in a hostel or a more expensive housing option.


Despite the fact that this is a village, the infrastructure here is quite developed. The beach in Seminyak has the best restaurants and brand shops. Charming nature will give relaxation and tranquility, and SPA treatments will complement the perfect vacation.

Nusa Dua

Divine Nusa Dua is located in the south of the country. Coral reefs protect the shore from waves, so the sea on this beach is quiet and calm. Children will be happy and safe here. At low tide, some lagoons are still full of water. The highlight of Nusa Dua is that only tourists can come here. Grandiose festivals with songs and dances are also often held here.


Another beach in Bali, which is famous for its tranquility and beauty. The water here is quiet, so you can safely let the children splash near the shore.


A unique beach that is suitable for any holiday: with your loved one, with cheerful friends or with your beloved family. Despite the calm atmosphere, it is full of restaurants, cafes and surf schools.

Ubud in Bali

If you have not heard about this city before, then it’s time to get acquainted with it. It is located in the middle of tropical forests on a high mountain. Nature is the main value here! There are few places left like this now.

Things to Do in Indonesia

Komodo National Park

The largest lizard in the world, the Komodo dragon, lives here. Moreover, diving is allowed here. You will see animals and coral reefs of incredible beauty.

Monkey Forest Park

On the island of Bali, there is a temple complex and at the same time the Monkey Forest Park or the Sacred Monkey Forest.

Taman Safari Park

Those who are crazy about wild animals must visit Taman Safari. You will be able to see how animals live in their usual habitat conditions.

Zoo Bali

In the village of Singapadu, there is a zoo accessible to all. There are always many visitors here, as tourists adore this place.

orchid garden

It is very quiet and calm here. You will especially enjoy the garden if you are also an orchid fan.

Places to visit


Borobudur sprawls on the island of Java. This is a temple complex, which is appreciated by many tourists.


On the island of Java, the magical temple complex of Prambanan attracts the attention of tourists. It is considered the most amazing architectural monument in Indonesia. This building is very ancient, more than 10 centuries old.

Besakih Temple

On Mount Agung rises a beautiful temple, which is also called the “Mother of Temples”. In total, the construction includes 86 structures, each of which is a unique reminder of local architecture.

Tanah Lot Temple

Translated into Russian, the name means “Land of God”. It’s scary to be here, as the building stands right on a sheer cliff, which was carved by the sea. Legend has it that sea snakes live at the bottom of the island, protecting Tanah Lot from evil spirits.