How to buy a tour ?

FOTO - How to buy a tour ?

Become a travel agent: choose a profitable tour yourself

Most of us, wanting to buy a cheap hot tour, go straight to travel agencies. But Kovel travel agency “Atlant Tour” offers to choose a budget trip, leaving no comfortable sofa. The search for hot trips is similar in all travel agencies, but not all of them can offer a large selection of different tours.

With “Atlant Tour” you have the opportunity:

  • quickly and easily choose the tour you are interested in a certain country and on a certain date;
  • ask questions to our managers by phone or online;
  • compare tours at different times of the year and choose a more economical and suitable option;
  • compare prices with other travel agencies;
  • put a reservation for the trip;
  • pay in any convenient way;
  • receive by mail all the documents that will provide a comfortable stay (plane tickets, tourist attractions, etc.).

After booking, the price becomes fixed and does not change, regardless of the economic situation. We do everything efficiently and quickly to make the trip as profitable as possible.

Search for a tour: where to start?

We have tried to detail all the information about each tour so that you can easily understand everything.

If you have any questions, you can contact our managers. They will be happy to tell you everything and help you choose the best trip.

Start from the main page In the search bar you can specify the following tour parameters:

  1. Country (resort, hotel)
  2. City of departure
  3. Date of travel
  4. Number of nights on tour
  5. Number of adults and children.

The last parameter allows you to add a child by specifying his age.

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In that case, if you want to plan a trip in advance, it is better to use a search engine.

After entering all the details, click “Find”.

Give the site a couple of seconds to select the appropriate tours. Now you can view all the offers and choose what suits you best in price and service. You can also look for hot tours.

If the parameters of the tour do not suit you, you can click the advanced search button

We recommend that you click on the 5 main parameters of the tour:

  • Hotel category. You can choose the star rating of the hotel from 1 * to 5 *. We recommend choosing from 2 * to 5 *
  • Meals OB without meals, BB breakfast HB breakfast and dinner, FB breakfast lunch and dinner, ALL all inclusive UALL ultra all inclusive
  • Tour price. Here it is possible to set the tour price in UAH
  • Transport Air travel, Bus, (Bulgaria, Greece, and others) Without transport. (If you travel by car)
  • Beach. This option allows you to choose a hotel on the first or second line. In addition, it is possible to choose the sunset.

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Let’s choose a hotel according to the following parameters:

A family of three people goes to the sea, 2 adults + a child of 7 years. Departure from Lviv Travel dates from 1 to 10 June hotel 5 *

Country Turkey, 1 line. In order to find a good hotel we will rate the reviews on the tourist truth from 8 to 10.

1. We use advanced search.

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2 We get a list of hotels according to the specified filters

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3. Study the chosen tour in detail

To do this, click on the price. After that the table with detailed information will open:

  • the hotel and its location (with the help of an Internet map you can find out what is next to it);
  • in the Description you can read more about this hotel and the reviews of visitors who have stayed there before;

which includes the cost of the tour (hotel, transfer, meals, etc.

Sokol Resort 4 - How to buy a tour ?

As a result, we see the displayed hotel with the price as well as the time of departure from Lviv and arrival in Bodrum. You can change here:

family composition, get acquainted with other dates of the tour and duration, as well as what is included in the room.

4. Booking

Once the choice is made, you can proceed to the reservation. To do this, click the “Book a tour” button. Next you will need to provide your details (phone number, e-mail, wishes).

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Enter information and send a request. Then the managers will call you to confirm the details, and you can already collect things!

Call our managers and we will choose a hotel based on your specific wishes !!!

093-691-85-28 – Олег (Viber, WhatsApp) 096 062 03 29

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