Hike to Mount Spitz
Hike to Mount Spitz

Tour price:  2300 UAH

📅 June : 2-3-4

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Travel program:

Day 1.

5:00 – departure from Lutsk.

Walk and lunch in Ivano-Frankivsk. The significant value of the city is the atmosphere of a European historical town, in contrast to the solid blocks of Soviet buildings or outstanding architectural monuments. In addition to architecture, the city charms with a large number of cozy cafes and cafes where you can both relax and taste delicious dishes.

Resurrection Cathedral in Ivano Frankivsk - Hike to Mount Spitz
Silver waterfalls. Silvery waterfalls are located in the village. Sheshory, and are one of the most visited places by tourists in the Carpathian region. The waterfalls are cascading – three cascades. The waters of the Pistinka River move for several hundred meters along massive blocks of sandstone and form two parallel waterfalls, 3 and 5 m high. These waterfalls are named Big and Small Guk. Their name came from their loud noise, and from the rays of the sun their splashes especially sparkle, giving a bright silver color to the water jets. On the basis of this, the name Silvery Falls went.

1510666001 sriblyasti vodospady 4 - Hike to Mount Spitz

Excursion to the Verkhovinsk brewery! Hutsul beer is brewed according to the classical ancient German technology “Osterbrau” and on Hungarian equipment. The raw material is Verkhovyna spring water, Slovak malt, German brewer’s yeast and hops. If you try it at least once, you will immediately appreciate the special natural taste and stable foam. And for beer you will be offered many delicious additions and Hutsul dishes. You can savor it all in your favorite company in the hall with comfortable sofas at wooden tables.

berr 6 - Hike to Mount Spitz

Bathing in vats with hydrogen sulfide water and fragrant Carpathian herbs. The mountain climate and clean air complete an unforgettable vacation. A pleasant and exotic spa treatment is organized outdoors in a special room with beautiful views.

DSC 3135 1 - Hike to Mount Spitz

Check-in at a hotel or cottage, dinner, rest.

Day 2

Early hearty Hutsul breakfast.

Trekking to Spice Mountain. Early in the morning we will transfer to the village of Bystrets where our incredible journey to the mystical Spitz will begin. Our route passes through the mountain Hajina, which is one of the most picturesque valleys in the Carpathians. Gadzhina is a glacial car that appeared as a result of the passage of an ancient glacier due to weak rocks in this place. Many relict plant species grow here, there are many berries, bushes and streams along the route, so the route is full of adventure and cool emotions.

shputsi shapka 1 - Hike to Mount Spitz

On the way to the mountain, we will also look into the Poloninsko hut, where we will talk with the shepherds who spend the whole summer here and try delicious Hutsul cheeses.
Mount Spitsy is one of the most original peaks of the Montenegrin ridge. Natural stone mounds like giant towers rise like spiers into the sky and truly characterize the name of the mountain. The rocks are located at an altitude of more than 1800 meters, they amaze with their scale, bizarre shapes and form a whole stone corridor from which unforgettable views open.

gora shpytsi 1 - Hike to Mount Spitz

Return to the hotel, evening, rest in a friendly company.

Day 3

Hearty Hutsul breakfast.


Rafting on the Black Cheremosh is an exception to all the rules. You will immerse yourself in extreme sports that do not require long preparation, and which is not interfered with by bad weather. Rafting along the valley of the Cheremosh River is not only an adrenaline rush, but also an opportunity to feel the beauty of a picturesque and at the same time swift river, with steep steep slopes and dense forests. You will remember this type of outdoor activity for a very long time, we guarantee 🙂

r4 - Hike to Mount Spitz

Extreme downhill ZIP LINE. For lovers of outdoor activities, we suggest visiting one of the longest ZIP Line routes for flying on a cable above the ground. Amazing landscapes and thrilling downhill skiing experience will impress both children and adults.
The descent from the slope of the picturesque area of ​​Vorokhta is divided into 2 intervals – 500 and 200 m long, which is one of the longest descents in the region. For children, only the lower part of the slope (200 m) is open, while adults can enjoy extreme sports to the fullest. The flight is carried out after briefing and appropriate equipment independently – instructors accompany only the start and finish of the “flyers”.
Transfer to Yaremche.

Sightseeing tour to the Proboy waterfall, which captivates from the first minutes with the beauty of nature and the noise of mirror-clear water.

vodospad probii - Hike to Mount Spitz
Souvenir market in Yaremche, where, if desired, you can buy gifts for loved ones and souvenirs. Most of what is sold on the market are handicrafts, each of which has a centuries-old history of manufacturing traditions, carefully preserved for posterity.

yaremcha suvenirnyj rynok - Hike to Mount Spitz

Homecoming. Arrival in Lutsk 23:00.

The tour price includes:

  • transport and excursion services;
  • escort by a company guide;
  • hotel accommodation 2 and 3-bed rooms with private facilities;
  • insurance
  • good mood 🙂

The cost of the tour does not include:

  • meals (60 UAH breakfast, 90 UAH lunch, 100 UAH dinner)
  • vats (800 UAH / 1 hour)
  • rafting on the Black Cheremosh (UAH 350 per person);
  • ZIP LINE 150 UAH / person, Children 80 UAH.
  • optional excursions.

viber ru 1 1 - Hike to Mount Spitz