Higher than clouds
Higher than clouds

Tour price:  2300 UAH 

    📅June : 17-18-19

📅July : 8-9-10

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Travel program:

Day 1.

5:00 – departure from. Lutsk.

A tour of Ivano-Frankivsk is, first of all, a walking city, the significant value of which is the atmosphere of a European historical town, in contrast to the solid blocks of Soviet buildings or outstanding architectural monuments. Since ancient times, travelers in their notes associated Ivano-Frankivsk with a large number of flowering alleys and parks. Over the past decades, the city authorities have paid special attention to the greening of streets, the creation of parks and squares, which we are proud of and admire to this day. After spending half an hour of easy walking from the City Hall, you will reach the luxurious Taras Shevchenko Park.

Resurrection Cathedral in Ivano Frankivsk - Higher than clouds

Silver waterfalls.
Silvery waterfalls are located in the village. Sheshory, and are one of the most visited places by tourists in the Carpathian region. The waterfalls are cascading – three cascades. The waters of the Pistinka River move for several hundred meters along massive blocks of sandstone and form two parallel waterfalls, 3 and 5 m high. These waterfalls are named Big and Small Guk. Their name came from their loud noise, and from the rays of the sun their splashes especially sparkle, giving a bright silver color to the water jets. On the basis of this, the name Silvery Falls went.

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Grandfather’s Pharmacy.
Here you will discover the secrets of strange tinctures with snakes, fly agarics and bees and tell you how they saved people’s lives. The museum pharmacist will tell true stories about traditional medicine in the Hutsul region, when and now, about the healing properties of Carpathian herbs, potions and berries. We will try everything by taste, by touch, by smell. At the end of the tour, we will taste tinctures for medicinal purposes.

Accommodation in a cottage, dinner, free time.

Optional: Installation of a Hutsul wedding with entertainment and a gala dinner (200 UAH / person). Here you will get acquainted with the Hutsul life and wedding traditions. You will dance Hutsul dances and admire the magical music. One of you is lucky to get married on this day, at least not for real, but the impressions will remain for life. Well, obyazkovo try delicious Hutsul dishes and drinks!

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Optional: bathing in vats with hydrogen sulfide water and fragrant Carpathian herbs (200 UAH / person, 1 hour). The mountain climate and clean air complete an unforgettable vacation. A pleasant and exotic spa treatment is organized outdoors in a special room with beautiful views.

Day 2

We have a hearty breakfast, we leave from the highest mountain village of Ukraine – Dzembronya, today’s main goal – the city of Pip Ivan 2022 m. I will rest in the Smotrych valley, get acquainted with the life of shepherds, and a high-mountain dairy plant, where you can taste and buy budza, vurdy and cheese.

Polonyna Smotrych - Higher than clouds

The path will be interesting, because the area is rich in mountain lakes, one of them is Lake Maricheyka. The legend says that the lake is named after the Hutsul woman Maricheyka. When the Tatars attacked, she led them into wild wetlands. When the enemies decided to kill Maricheika, the earth parted and swallowed everyone, and a lake formed in that place.

Marichechka - Higher than clouds

Montenegrin ridge, which starts from Mount Pop Ivan, including the six highest peaks of our country: Hoverla (2061 m), Berbeneskul (2035 m), Pop Ivan (2028 m) Petros (2020 m) Gutin Tomnatik (2016 m), Rebra ( 2001 m).

At the top, an abandoned astronomical observatory awaits us, which is located almost at the very top. The building was called the “White Elephant”, as in winter it is covered with snow and ice on all sides. From afar, it resembles the silhouette of a large animal. And despite the fact that scientific research is no longer carried out here, its mysterious appearance still attracts many tourists. The building “White Elephant” is considered the highest building in Ukraine.

pip - Higher than clouds

Memorable photos at the top, lunch snack and descent to the village. Dzembronya.

On the way home, we will examine the rocks Grandfather and Baba and the Eared Stone. On the top of the Eared Stone and its slopes there are bizarrely shaped rocks, which are popularly called “churches”. A trail from Dzembronya to the main ridge of Chernogora passes through the top.

1518534785 vukhatyi kamin 4 - Higher than clouds

The distance is 10-13 km. may seem small, but the ascent will take approximately 5:00, the descent 4:00.

Return to the hotel.

Day 3

Breakfast. Release of rooms.
Optional: Rafting on the Black Cheremosh (350 UAH / person).
Rafting is an exception to all the rules. You will immerse yourself in extreme sports that do not require long preparation, and which is not interfered with by bad weather. Rafting along the valley of the Cheremosh River is not only an adrenaline rush, but also an opportunity to feel the beauty of a picturesque and at the same time swift river, with steep steep slopes and dense forests. You will remember this type of outdoor activity for a very long time 🙂

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Optional: After rafting, you can relax in hot tubs. (800 UAH vat).

Excursion to the museum of mushrooms.
The museum opens its doors to the fabulous and wonderful world of mushrooms and forests. You will learn interesting and exciting stories about mushrooms, because the tour is conducted by real professionals in their field, they will tell you which of the mushrooms are poisonous instantly, and which have a toxic effect that manifests itself after years and causes cirrhosis of the liver.

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Excursion to the Verkhovinsk brewery!
Hutsul beer is brewed according to the classical ancient German technology “Osterbrau” and on Hungarian equipment. The raw material is Verkhovyna spring water, Slovak malt, German brewer’s yeast and hops. If you try it at least once, you will immediately appreciate the special natural taste and stable foam. And for beer you will be offered many delicious additions and Hutsul dishes. You can savor it all in your favorite company in the hall with comfortable sofas at wooden tables.

verkhovynalife pyvovar beer 9 - Higher than clouds

Excursion to the trout farm. Such a walk will surely whet your appetite, and then we will offer you to visit a trout farm, where you will have the opportunity to catch trout with your own hands. Immediately on the spot, Hutsul chefs will cook it as you wish. You will only have to enjoy your vacation and try freshly baked fish among the wonderful landscapes and clean air. (200 UAH / person set lunch including baked trout, Hutsul dishes and drinks).

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The tour price includes:

  • travel by comfortable bus or minibus;
  • accommodation in a hotel or cottage, with 2, 3-bed accommodation with private facilities;
  • accompaniment of a guide-leader along the entire route;
  • insurance policy (group)

The tour price does not include:

  • meals (80 – breakfast, 100 – lunch, 120 – dinner)
  • optional excursions:
  • vats 200 UAH 1 person;
  • Hutsul wedding 200 UAH \ person + 100 UAH \ person festive dinner;
  • rafting on the Black Cheremosh 350 UAH / person;
  • trout 30 UAH 100g.
  • Entrance fees: mushroom museum 25 UAH / child, 50 UAH / adult.
  • grandfather’s pharmacy 45 UAH .;

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