Healing Prykarpattya
Healing Prykarpattya
(Lutsk – Bubnyshche – Morshyn – Skhidnytsia – Urych – Drohobych – Truskavets – Lutsk)

Trip cost: 1850 UAH

* For ATO participants and children under 12 years old, the price is 1750 UAH

           📅 June: 25-26

             📅July : 9-10, 30-31

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093-691-85-28 (VIBER)

Travel program:

Day 1.

06.20 – Departure from Lutsk for the tour Healing Prykarpattya (hotel “Ukraine”).

04.00 – Departure from Rivne
07-30 – Departure from Lviv (near the hotel Lviv). The time and place of departure from other cities will be specified individually.

8:30 – 09.00 – Breakfast in the village. Stry.
10:00 – 11.30 – We visit the Shepilska SPA complex

Take a break from everyday worries in the SPA complex Shepilska. The unique water and health complex will offer relaxation, health improvement and body shaping programs that will help you forget about daily stress and immerse yourself in the world of beauty and health. At your service: swimming pool (16 * 5.5 m to 1.6 m depth), children’s pool, contrast pool, Dead Sea salt pool, jacuzzi for 6 people. Also! Salt room, bath complex (Russian steam bath, Turkish bath – Hamam, infrared sauna).

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Spa sauna area: Russian steam room; Finnish sauna; Turkish sauna; infrared sauna. And many other entertainment.

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In addition, on the territory there is a bar and a restaurant where you can have a delicious meal or drink refreshing drinks after taking water procedures. Also, you can use other services of the recreation center, in particular, order a relaxing massage after spa treatments.

12-30 – 13-30 – lunch in the hut.

13-30 – 16-30 – we arrive at the rock cave complex “Dovbush Rocks” Natural monument of national importance, a unique monument of history and architecture of the early Middle Ages – has an area of ​​100 hectares and is located northwest of the town of Bolekhiv near the village of Bubnyshche. You will be surprised by the unique shapes of huge rocks, giant stones that resemble bizarre images of animals and various amazing sources. Folk translations closely associate this place with the name of the national avenger Oleksa Dovbush.

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17.00 – 17.30 – Visit to Morshin. Time for water and lunch. Healing healing springs and the work of hydrogeologists and doctors have turned the city into a wonderful health resort, but here you can stroll along the cozy streets, admire the architecture of the 19th century and picturesque landscapes. The main attraction of Morshyn is the fungus pump room, which appeared here in 1935. Morshinsky pump-room is a rather large building where all tourists converge to “drink some water”. In addition, there is even a small souvenir market inside the pump room.

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18.30 – 19.00 – Kamenka waterfall. The waterfall, located in the National Natural Park “Saint Beskids”, has a height of about seven meters and surprises with its beauty. It consists of one cascade, divided by a rock ledge into two streams. Formed in a picturesque gap in the mountain range. The water of the waterfall itself falls from massive boulders, and from below, on the left bank of the Kamenka River, there are huge vertical rocks. Near the waterfall you can visit the cranberry lake or the dead lake and the source of “Living Water”.

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20:00 – arrives in the village. Skhodnitsa. Accommodation in a hotel.
The next tourist town will be the village. Skhodnitsa. All-Ukrainian balneological resort in the picturesque Carpathians, which is often called Ukrainian Switzerland.

Day 2
08:00 – Wake up and have a good breakfast
09:00 – leaves to meet new impressions.
09.30 – 11.00 – We arrive at the historical and cultural reserve “Tustan”.

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Tustan is a fortress of the Carpathian line of defense of Kievan Rus, which was built in the 9th century on the rocks of the ancient Russian city of Urych. Its purpose was customs control on the “silk” and “salt” routes. The fortress is a unique building that has no analogues in the world. Its wooden elements blended with the natural rocky landscape, making the fortifications almost impregnable to invaders. However, the fortress was destroyed by the Mongol-Tatars. Today we can see the remains of the fortress on the Uritsky rocks and visit the museum with a lot of exhibits telling about the history of the monument.
Also, not far from the rocks, there is a souvenir market with a field kitchen.

12:00-14.00 – Get acquainted with the city of Drohobych. Picturesque Drohobych is the city of Ivan Franko’s youth and coffee with salt. The capital of the salt-making of Kievan Rus, where the Drohobych Salt Plant, which is the oldest salt plant in Europe, still operates to this day. In Drohobych there really are places worth visiting: the local saltworks, which was built back in 1250, the Drogobych Tower is the oldest building in Drogobych that has survived to this day, the Town Hall, the Church of St. George.

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14:00 – 15:00 Lunch break.

15:30-18.00 – We will visit Truskavets – a city-park, a unique and oldest balneological resort in Europe, located in the picturesque Precarpathian valley. The town is world famous for its healing mineral water “Naftusya”, which can be tasted in the central pump room of mineral waters.

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Tasting of the mineral water of the Truskavets resort. The healing properties of “Naftusya” water are known all over the world – many come to the Truskavets resort precisely in order to be healed by “Naftusya” water, because the positive reviews of miraculous water are increasing every year.

At choice we visit either the Dolphinarium, or the SPA center “MOLDOVA Wellness & SPA”
Dolphinarium in Truskavets is the only entertainment and health complex of this type in Western Ukraine. This is a favorite vacation spot for residents and guests of a small resort town. And this is not surprising! After all, dolphins are kind, mischievous and beautiful mammals from the cetacean family. They are able not only to give a positive mood and share their excellent mood, but also relieve stress, illness, and negative emotions!

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Sports and fitness center “MOLDOVA Wellness & SPA” in the sanatorium “Moldova”

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Sanatorium “Moldova” is located in the green part of the city, away from noisy streets and traffic arteries. The territory of the sanatorium smoothly turns into a city park. Walking paths lead to the mineral water pump rooms through the park (about 10-15 minutes on foot). Since February 2016, on the basis of the sanatorium, its own pump room of the Truskavets and Morshinsky mineral waters has been put into operation.
An amazing corner of paradise awaits you in the sports and health center “MOLDOVA Wellness & SPA”.

A special atmosphere of a sunny beach reigns here, which sets you up for a relaxing holiday, moving away from all worries and troubles.
Swimming pools at your disposal:

  • large swimming (20×10 meters, depth – from 1.30m to 1.60m)
  • children’s (depth 0.6 m) contrast;
  • with salts from the Dead Sea (temp. 42-42C)
  • jacuzzi for 7 persons,
  • 3 types of hydromassage.

At the pool there are “lower” and “upper” bars.

The bath complex consists of: Russian bath, Alpine bath “Kraksen”, Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, Turkish bath “Hamam”, infrared sauna, contrast showers. The spa center also offers a wide range of massage and beauty treatments.

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During the period of time restrictions, performances in the dolphinarium will not be held (check with the tour operator before booking). However, tourists have the opportunity to optionally swim and take pictures with dolphins.

18:00 – We go home.

23:00 – Approximate time of arrival in metro Lutsk.

The tour price includes:

  • travel by comfortable bus or minibus;
  • hotel accommodation 2, 3, 4-bed rooms to choose from;
  • accompaniment of a guide-leader along the entire route;
  • insurance policy (group)

The tour price does not include:

Entrance tickets, meals, namely:

  • Ecological fee for the Dovbush trail – 10 UAH per person.
  • Waterfall Kamenka – 10 UAH environmental fee;
  • Recreation center “Shepilska”. – adult 180 UAH. – 1:00, each subsequent hour – 90 UAH. Children from 6 to 12 years old – 80 UAH,
  • Each subsequent child – 50 UAH. Children under 6 years old – free of charge;
  • rocky city-fortress Tustan – 65 UAH, children. 30 UAH;
  • Dolphinarium in Truskavets – 250 UAH (per person). For children up to 4 years old. – for free; persons with disabilities of the first group and participants of the ATO, pensioners – 110 UAH.
  • Sports and fitness center “MOLDOVA Wellness & SPA” – price for 1 hour for adults / each subsequent hour – respectively 180/80 UAH; the price of 1 hour for children / each subsequent hour – respectively 90/60 UAH. Children under 3 years old – free of charge.
  • Saltworks in the city of Drohobych – 50 UAH (adult children) Town Hall – 20 UAH, Church of St. George – 20 UAH.
  • Services of professional guides on the ground;
  • meals at the hotel – 90-130 UAH;
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, etc.).

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