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The Republic of Greece occupies the southeastern and southern parts of the Balkan Peninsula,gretsiya 300x247 - GREECE

as well as the islands, which account for a fifth of the territory. The largest islands are Crete, Rhodes, Lesbos, Euboea. The neighbors of Greece in the north are Macedonia and Bulgaria, in the northwest – Albania, in the northeast – Turkey. From the south, the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, from the west – by the Ionian, in the east – by the Aegean.

The area of the country is 132 thousand square meters. km.

The capital is Athens.

Big cities – Athens, Patras, Kastoria, Thessaloniki, Catherine, Volos, Heraklion.

National currency – euro

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Greece is a country with an interesting history and traditions. For quite a long time it has been welcoming tourists, the number of which is increasing every year. In whatever part of the country you find yourself, a sea of positive emotions awaits you.

First of all, Greece is associated with seaside holidays, the sun, the beach, the most beautiful buildings and the sea of ​​entertainment. Real heaven on earth! Here you can relax and forget about all worldly problems. In addition to many SPA-salons, there are useful mineral springs.

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A clean climate and healthy food allow the Greeks to live even to a hundred years. The diet of local residents includes fresh fish, meat, a lot of fruits and vegetables. Lamb, stew, sausages with tomatoes… you can taste all this deliciousness in walnut restaurants.

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Holidays in Greece can be very diverse, depending on the chosen place of visit.

Agia Triada

Agia Triada is located on the mythical island of Crete. The name in Greek means “Holy Trinity”. Some time ago, a rich civilization lived here, until an unexpected catastrophe destroyed everything. But soon everything was reconstructed and life began to rage again. To date, Agia Triada is rich in a huge number of architectural monuments that tell about the history of the area.

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There is practically no vegetation here, only accumulations of lime. High mountains surround the endless sea. The famous Athens is located in the center of Attica. Despite the lack of chic landscapes, there are many luxury hotels, clubs and beaches.


Very often Athos is called a monastic republic. And not in vain, because only monks live here. This is an exceptional place in the whole world. There are 20 monasteries on its territory. If you decide to travel to Athos, you must be very vigilant and adhere to local rules. It is forbidden to smoke here, you need to walk only in closed clothes, lead a vegetarian lifestyle. An incredible tour of the “Holy Mountain” will give you a sea of ​​indescribable sensations.

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The city is named after the bay near which it is located. Nearby rises the majestic Mount Symbolo. 60,000 people live in ancient Kavala. The most popular here is the Kamares Museum of Archeology. Also nearby are “Ancient Philippi”, where the Apostle Paul gathered a community of Christians.

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Among other things, in Greece is the Halkidiki peninsula. Tourists come here in droves to learn the history of the area and see the most beautiful sights. Delicious dishes and fine wines will bring you great pleasure: Pallini, Kambas, Domestika and more.

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Just a divine place, which is impossible not to fall in love! The combination of sea and mountains fascinates and enchants. The island of Crete in Greece is considered the most beautiful and fertile in the country. It is saturated with myths and legends that turn it into a fabulous place. Having been here, you will know absolutely everything about Minos, Zeus and other Gods.

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Tours to Greece from Lviv offered by our travel agency will help you relax and be inspired to new achievements.

Santorini island

The island of Santorini in Greece is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Tourism here begins to flourish in the summer. There are many beautiful landscapes and architectural monuments of incredible beauty. The highlight of Santorini is that it is actually the remains of a volcanic island.

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Gulf of Corinth

The bay flows between Greece itself and the Peloponnese peninsula. The longest bridge in Europe, the Rio Antirio, is of great beauty.

Panathinaikos Stadium

This place is famous for being built exclusively from white marble. The stadium is located in Athens. All high-profile sporting events are held here, but it is most pleasant to look at it when there is not a soul here.

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