Exclusive Carpathians Kostrich + rafting

Exclusive Carpathians Kostrich + rafting

Exclusive Carpathians
Kostrich + rafting

(Lutsk – Yaremche – Mykulychyn – Polyanytsya – Yablunytsya – Tatariv – Lutsk)

Trip cost: 1900 UAH 

2300 UAH (2 breakfast + 2 dinners)
* For anti-terrorist operation participants and children under 12 the price is  1,800 UAH

                        📅  Травень: 13-14-15, 20-21-22

Call for booking


093-691-85-28 (VIBER)

Travel program:

Day 1.

03.50- Departure from Lutsk (Hotel “Ukraine”) for an exclusive tour of the Carpathians: Kostrich + rafting

04.00 – Departure from Rivne.

09.00 – stop for the toilet.

11.30 – 14.00 – Excursion on the Dovbush rock – “The mysterious world of the rock city” (entrance tickets paid extra) (height up to 30 meters). Chaotically located groups of stones, where according to legend, hid his gold and jewelry Oleksa Dovbush. Dovbush’s trail may or may not tell you all about the leader of the Carpathian opryshki, but it will give you an idea of ​​where the rebels’ hiding place was probably in the middle of the 18th century. In addition, it’s just nice to wander here: wooded slopes, vast boulders, overgrown with bright green moss, fresh air, saturated with the smell of pine needles, silence and incredible views.

Pechernij kompleks v Bubnishhe 01 - Exclusive Carpathians  Kostrich + rafting

14.15 – 14.40 – Purchase of beer in the village of Mykulychyn. Opened in 2002, the brewery brews beer in a natural way, producing it under the Hutsulske brand. Hutsulske ferments for 7 days and matures for another 14 days. Honey and Dark, Light “Jubilee” and White “Hutsul” are cooked here. Honey, by the way, for Honey beer is taken from their own apiary.

Degustatsiya piva - Exclusive Carpathians  Kostrich + rafting 15.00 – 16.00 – check-in at the hotel, lunch.

16.00 – 19.00 – JEEP RIDING: Excursion jeep tours in the Carpathians will definitely add drive to your vacation. After driving in jeeps in the mountains for several hours you will have a sea of impressions and emotions, as well as many cool photos and videos.

ekodzhyptury3 optimized 1x - Exclusive Carpathians  Kostrich + rafting

20.00 – Rest in a comfortable hotel, where in the evening we can relax and recharge for the next day. Free time (barbecue, gazebo at your service). Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2.

08.00-09.00 – We wake up and have a good breakfast (when booking a tour with food) and go on excursions!

The day is filled with different colors, because we go to the ascent of Kostrich (1586 m). Despite the rather small height of the mountain, the beauty will definitely captivate you! The description of most mountains is accompanied by the phrase “we will look at the beautiful landscape.” This is true, but in the case of Mount Kostrich, this phrase has a special meaning. After all, from the mountain we will appreciate the greatness of the Montenegrin ridge. And that’s not all. Kostrycha is a fairy forest. So quiet that you can hear every step. Moss-covered stones, trunks of century-old trees, tall needles, root nodes cross paths. In memory of such a forest you can bring not only photos full of all shades of green, but also a picture of the imprint of someone’s carnivorous paw. Oh, there are enough stories, because it is not for nothing that they say: “I will see – I will believe”, so we kindly ask you to feel all the beauty and grandeur of the Carpathian Mountains.

Z Kostrych na Chornohoru. - Exclusive Carpathians  Kostrich + rafting

18.00 – Arrival at the settlement. Free time. Dinner (when booking a tour with meals)

* For all who wish, an additional attraction – cooking in vats over low heat – is what the participants of the tour like the most. To make the “tourist soup” richer, various dried herbs are added to the water. Jams alternate with swimming in a cool mountain river that flows nearby. This contrast will help you maintain tone throughout the week and give an unforgettable experience of the trip.

DSC 3135 1 - Exclusive Carpathians  Kostrich + rafting

Day 3.

09.00 – 09.30 – Again, we all wake up and have a good breakfast.
(When booking a tour with food).

Let’s go on an adventure!)
Rafting on Cheremosh is waiting for us – an extreme, but safe kind of active recreation in the Carpathians. During the rafting you will repeatedly overcome the most difficult rapids of the Black Cheremosh, master rowing on a raft, learn to properly overcome water obstacles. In high water the boat is rushed by a stormy stream, foamy waves cover with the head, and the raft swings on high crests of shafts. Rafting on Cheremosh is charging, and even in a wet wetsuit you rush to rafting on the rapids again.
And here for your viewing “live photos” from our alloy

IMG 6427 - Exclusive Carpathians  Kostrich + rafting

Lunch in the hut. Departure home.

22.00 – 22.30 – return to Lutsk (approximately). The time and place of return to other cities will be specified individually.

The tour price includes:

  • travel by comfortable bus or minibus;
  • hotel accommodation 2, 3, 4-bed rooms to choose from;
  • accompaniment of the guide-guide on all route;
  • insurance policy (group)

The tour price does not include:

Entrance tickets to sightseeing facilities, namely:

  • Aviary – UAH 30, children – UAH 15;
  • Dovbush Rocks – UAH 30, children – UAH 15;
  • ticket for the chairlift in Bukovel – 120 UAH, children under 12 – 85 UAH;
  • Polonyna “Peppers” – adult 170 UAH, children – 140 UAH
  • jeep riding (1500 UAH / car; max. 6 people)
  • Hook Waterfall – UAH 30, children – UAH 15;
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, etc.).

Entrance tickets to various entertainment in Bukovel (eg swimming in VodaClub) – location and other details of this entertainment will always be with the group leader.

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