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Antalya, or Antalya, as it is also called, is truly the pearl of the Turkish coast. Antalya is the fastest growing Turkish city and is considered the second capital. It is also the main resort of the country. The nature of Antalya is an excellent climate and a unique landscape. It is for this reason that the number of tourists here is increasing every year, and today almost half a million people from all over the world come here every year.


The leading resort of the Mediterranean is Kemer. It is located near Antalya, only 40 km from the airport. Here you will find yourself among the unique landscapes created from the Taurus Mountains and the sea coast. Tours to Kemer are chosen by those who are not afraid of pebble beaches and hot summers. But the water here is crystal clear, and the scent of pine trees reigns around. Holidays in Kemer can be afforded by people with both small and unlimited budgets. “Atlant Tour” organizes your vacation based on your wishes and possibilities.


A tour to Belek is a magnificent forest landscape with pine and pistachio trees, as well as an immense coastline with an azure sea. Belek is a mecca for golf lovers. The resort is located in the Serik district in the province of Antalya. Belek offers the most luxurious hotels in the world with the highest quality standards. Here you can relax status, all five stars and “all inclusive”. The resort is quite modern and is located away from the bustle of the city. Sandy beaches, an abundance of flora and fauna, an ecologically clean area – there are all conditions for a luxurious holiday.


A magnificent resort with a history dating back to 2000 BC, surrounded by lush green pine forests and deep blue seas, Marmaris delights its guests. The most magnificent marinas and harbors for yachts are located here. Marmaris will captivate you with its historical heritage, natural beauty and shining sun, in addition to its entertaining nightlife and pristine bays. Tour to Marmaris is universal and suitable for tourists with any budget. There is a large selection of economy class hotels, there is no exhausting heat, and the sea is warm and calm.


Tucked away in a bay, the small town of Bodrum is very tempting for tourists. Transparent cool waters of the Aegean Sea, beautiful landscapes and many winding streets strewn with cafes and restaurants. Here you can try traditional Turkish dishes, go windsurfing, listen to jazz music. A tour to Bodrum will especially appeal to young people, because nightlife is seething here and there are constant parties.


The main archaeological heritage of Turkey is Side. The resort is also called the city-museum. Here, tourists can enjoy unusual national seafood dishes, soak up the warm sun, lying on sandy beaches, and plunge into the Mediterranean Sea. Fans of sightseeing tourism definitely choose a tour in Side. There are preserved evidence of the stay of the Greeks: amphitheaters, temples, baths.

Everyone who loves a beach holiday and the sun is trying to buy a ticket to Turkey as soon as possible. The main advantage of this country is the perfect service and the all-inclusive system. And all this at the most affordable prices. The Antalya coast hosts the largest number of tourists.

Turkey is famous not only for a relaxing holiday. Thrill-seekers will also find a lot of interesting entertainment for themselves here: diving, mountain sports, water parks and much more. Trade is also well developed here. In the shops you can find absolutely everything and bring a lady a lot of interesting souvenirs. The pricing policy, given the large flow of foreigners, is characterized by amazing affordability. It is not for nothing that it is most profitable to buy valuable things in Turkey: gold items, fur coats, ceramics, etc.

Speaking of holidays in Turkey, it would be a crime not to remember its incredibly hearty cuisine. It is the authentic cuisine that attracts tourists the most.

Of course, Turkey is also famous for its rich history and cultural developments. The capital of this amazing country is Ankara, which is rich in beautiful architectural monuments. But the city will never compare with the previous majestic capital – Istanbul, where all the most significant historical events took place. Cathedrals, mosques, palaces… Breathtaking beauty.

Advantages of early booking trips to Turkey

Early booking of tours is a great opportunity to save money on a trip to Turkey. You will not find such savings anywhere else. No catch, you just buy tickets in advance. Thus, you save your budget, and the company receives a guarantee of no risks for the hot season.

Early booking to Turkey has a number of advantages:

  • A few months before the hot season, accommodation is much cheaper, which provides significant savings. Even more lucky if you get to some action. Instead of overpaying, it is better to spend the remaining money on recreation and entertainment.
  • Even if the price of a trip changes over time, it will not apply to you. And in the current economic situation, this is good insurance.
  • There will be no need to rush to pack your bags and make a vacation plan. You will have more than enough time for this. Calmly review all offers and choose the most attractive for you.
  • You have a wide choice of carriers, hotels, etc. Given the speed with which tours to Turkey are snapped up at the last moment, this is very profitable. You don’t have to queue for the hotel.

Many do not believe in such an advantageous offer, they are looking for pitfalls, but they can’t find it in any way. Everything is clean and transparent here! You sign a contract that clearly specifies the terms and prices.

Questions and answers about booking trips to Turkey

What is the savings?

The cost of the tour will be calculated for you separately. The final price will be affected by the duration of the trip, terms and so on. Sometimes you can save up to 40%. Follow the offers of “Atlant Tour” so as not to miss a good deal on FACEBOOK and VIBER and do not miss your chance. Our managers will tell you everything and select the best accommodation and flight options.

What is the best time to book early?

Ordering tours to Turkey, given the strong popularity of the country, it is better to book six months in advance. So you will save a lot and be able to choose a good hotel.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

There is a possibility of partial payment. The first installment is 20% of the total amount. Final payment is due 14 days before departure. To clarify all the details, please contact our managers. Managers of the travel agency “Atlant Tour” will do everything possible so that you get only positive impressions from the trip.

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