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Italy is a city of dreams and romance! Thanks to the travel agency “Atlant Tour” it becomes much closer. Everything you can dream of is collected here: famous boutiques, sunny beaches, delicious cuisine and much more!

The whole world knows that Italy is famous for its amazing culture and sense of style. Ancient shrines contrast with contemporary art galleries. Rym, Pisa, the Vatican… everyone dreams of visiting here. Well, if you decide to give your beloved a romantic trip, then you won’t find a better place than Verona. Display of ancient Greek culture are Syracuse and Salerno. Venice beckons with its colorful festivals. Well, shopping is better to look in Milan.

But what is a vacation without a beach! The best resort in Italy – Rimini. You can relax a little and forget about everything while admiring the landscapes of Trapani.

What you need to know before traveling to Italy

Traveling to Italy will give you a lot of pleasant impressions and unforgettable emotions:

  • Almost all beaches in Italy belong to the municipal authorities. They are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and are under the supervision of caretakers.
  • The presence of thermal springs provides favorable conditions for improving health. Not far from Tuscany, even special wellness centers have been created.
  • Diving enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to see the amazing water world of Sardinia.
  • All of Italy is covered with architectural and cultural sights. It seems that in no other country there are more such interesting places.
  • You can also relax in Italy at the beautiful ski resorts.

Prices and features of tours to Italy

“Atlant Tour” offers the brightest and most affordable tours to Italy. Our managers will listen to all your wishes, preferences and select the ideal travel option. You will only relax, and we will take care of your comfort.

Regardless of the season, holidays in Italy are always very interesting and eventful. In winter, tourists go skiing, in spring and autumn – to look at cultural attractions, and in summer – to swim and sunbathe in the sun. The most famous cultural attractions are located in the center of the country: the Vatican, Tuscany, Pisa, etc. Having been in Italy, it is a sin not to visit cities such as Rome, Syracuse and Salerno. If you are an art lover, take a look at Florence, namely the Uffizi Gallery with its magnificent collection of paintings. You can ride along the water channels under the starry sky with your beloved one in Venice.

There is something for everyone in Italy. Sanatoriums, spas, beauty salons, beaches, thermal springs, etc. Here you will also find many delicious dishes, entertainment, romantic atmosphere and comfortable living conditions. Treatment in Italy has long established itself from a very positive side.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How can you save on early booking?

It is thanks to the savings that early booking has earned such recognition. In some cases, it exceeds 40% of the cost of the tour. If you follow all the news of the travel agency, you can not miss your chance to relax at the lowest cost.

Is there a partial payment option?

We do have such a service. First, 20% of the cost of the trip is paid, and a couple of weeks before departure – the rest.

When is the best time to book flights to Italy?

Italy is a popular country among tourists. In order not to miss a single advantageous offer, it is worth booking tickets six months before the trip itself. This way you save money and get the best deals.

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