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Early booking tours to Egypt

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Every year, tourists rush to book a ticket to Egypt. Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are considered the most attractive resorts of the hot country. Egypt (Arab Republic of Egypt) is a historically and culturally rich country. There are many world-famous architectural sights here, around which a lot of myths and legends hovers. The civil language is Arabic, but with the development of the tourism business, locals began to learn English, French and German.

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Despite all these advantages, holidays in Egypt will cost you relatively inexpensively. You can swim in the Red Sea, which is incredibly clean. But you should not be limited only to the usual squelching in warm water. Diving in these waters will be an incredible experience. Speaking of Egypt, one cannot fail to mention the legendary Sphinx and the pyramids of Cheops. Also, this is a great opportunity to learn the sacraments of Muslim culture. And how not to mention the bewitching sands of the desert and amazing oases! Feel like a hero of a movie about the incredible adventures of treasure hunters!

Advantages of early booking tours to Egypt

It is difficult to find a better offer than early booking tours to Egypt. Its essence is that you book a ticket in advance, paying part of its cost. So you buy a ticket to Egypt at a promotional price, and the company does not remain at a loss and gradually prepares for the season. This is beneficial for both parties, so you can be sure that there will be no tricks. Early booking is a profitable and fair offer from developing travel companies.

Among the advantages of early booking in Egypt, it is worth noting the following:

  • Reliability. You get a full guarantee that the price of the trip will not rise and the trip itself will not fail. Now is a very difficult time, but the contract with the final prescribed amount insures you against a sharp rise in prices.
  • Saving. In the off-season, tickets and hotel accommodation are always cheaper than at the height of the tourist period. By booking early, you get great savings. There is an opportunity to get involved. And the money that remains can be spent on entertainment and souvenirs.
  • Time. You will have enough time to think through the whole trip in detail: what places to visit, what to buy, how you will have fun, what you will take with you, etc.
  • Diversity. While the hot season is still far away, you have a huge selection of free offers from hotels and carriers. And this is especially important if we are talking about Egypt, where tourists from all over the world come. If you have traveled before, you know that in some hotels there are even whole queues of people who want to relax.

Early booking: question-answer

What is the point of saving?

The degree of savings depends entirely on the chosen trip, travel time and duration. Most often, clients of the travel agency “Atlant Tour” save up to 40%. To find out the details, contact our managers or join FACEBOOK and VIBER.

Is there a partial payment option?

When booking early, you are not required to immediately pay the full amount. First you pay 25% of the total cost, and the rest – just before departure (within 3 weeks before the date of departure).

When is the best time to buy tours to Egypt?

You get the maximum savings when buying tours for 6 months. To find out all the details, view our company website.

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