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The capital is Nicosia.

The largest cities are Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

EUR is recognized as the official state currency



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Luxurious beaches, hot sun, warm waves… Cyprus has always been a dream of tourists. Having been here, I no longer want to go anywhere. This is an ideal place for those who like to lie in the sun, swim in crystal clear water and just enjoy the rest.

Cyprus is considered an island of love and a crossroads of several cultures, so it is often called the island of Aphrodite. As a result of the constant struggle for independence, Cyprus split into two parts: Turkish and Greek. It is beautiful in itself, without any outstanding buildings and world-famous monuments. The climate here is truly Mediterranean: hot in summer and dry in winter. Cyprus occupies a small area that can be explored lengthwise and crosswise in a short time. The inhabitants of the island are peaceful and always follow the rules.

In the resorts of Cyprus you can have a great time and relax. If we talk about cities, they are all very different and not similar to each other. In some it is quiet and peaceful, and in others life is raging.


The island is quite small, so the traffic here is tight, and trains do not run at all since 1952. There are three types of buses in Cyprus: between cities; inside cities; and between villages. They rarely drive, not as we would like, but economically. If you need to drive somewhere urgently and you can’t see the bus, you can take a taxi. Only such a trip will be much more expensive.

In order to look in every corner of Cyprus, it is better to rent a car for a while. Services providing such a service are located mainly in the resort areas.

You can buy a last minute tour to Cyprus on the Atlant Tour website Most hotels have an all-inclusive feature.

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It is not only a tourist center in Cyprus, but also a place where exquisite wines are produced. The city is always bustling with life, nightclubs and mass festivals. All tourists also have the opportunity to try themselves in different sports.

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Paphos in Cyprus

Most of the historical monuments located in Paphos are under the protection of UNESCO. This is an incredible place that attracts golden beaches and high sea waves.

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Protaras in Cyprus

The city is very young and advanced. Those who want peace, tranquility and enjoyment of nature come here. That is why it is better to go here either alone or with family.

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Ayia Napa in Cyprus

The most popular resort on the island. Its highlight – beautiful beaches and clear sea. All visitors have the opportunity to do different water sports. Quite often bright festivals and other celebrations take place here.

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Larnaca in Cyprus

The pride of Larnaca is the Finikudis promenade, where magnificent palm trees rise. Incredible beauty!

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The perfect place for those who love exotic beaches. There are few tourists, so you can be alone. Soft sand and blue sea give the place romance.

Most hotels in Cyprus have an all-inclusive function, so you will relax in comfort!

Recreation and entertainment


At local diving centers, everyone will be able to dedicate themselves to this exciting activity. After the courses you will be issued an international certificate confirming that you have undergone special training. Cyprus has a very rich marine flora and fauna, but sunken ships are even more interesting.

Water bike

You can ride a pedal boat on almost every beach.


You can explore the island by canoe, but to see the marine life, it is recommended to dive deep on a submarine.


Especially for those who like to sit with a fishing rod, 25 reservoirs were created. More than 260 species of fish live in the Mediterranean. You may be able to catch one of them.


There are three golf courses in Paphos, which we talked about earlier. Only professionals or those who have a certificate of special training will be able to come here.

Horseback riding

There are plenty of riding clubs in Cyprus. You choose the duration of the walk. You can walk for only an hour, and you can enjoy the ride at least all day. Those who are just learning to stay in the saddle can use the services of professional instructors.

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