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Croatia Croatia, bordered by the Adriatic Sea, is a beautiful country of great interest to tourists. It is located just at the intersection of the Alps, the Mediterranean and Pannonia. Tourism is one of the main financial resources of the country. Prices for holidays in Croatia are quite affordable, regardless of your budget. On its territory there are many interesting historical monuments that will appeal to fans of beauty. You will be delighted!


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Croatia is an ecologically clean country, famous for its incredible nature. To see all this beauty, be sure to take part in the tour. In addition, there are often various entertainment events, and traditional cuisine whets the appetite with delicious dishes. Whether you like a quiet or active holiday, in Croatia everyone will find something to do.

The most “fat” plus of Croatia – the availability of recreation. Despite the low housing prices, service here is at a high level. Almost all hotels in Croatia have an all-inclusive system and there are always good discounts.

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Croatia has a well-developed railway connection that connects all cities in the country (except Dubrovnik). To save on a ticket, buy it at the box office. The bus system is no less developed. Buses run regularly throughout the day.

Taxis will cost you much more than public transport. Its advantage is only in comfort and speed. You can enjoy the maritime beauty of Croatia by ferry ride.

Entertainment and recreation

Osijek Zoo and Aquarium

There are only three zoos in the whole country and Osijek is the largest of them. Volunteers worked on its creation, who gathered here a large collection of animals from around the world.


In the middle of the resort town of Porec is an aquarium. He works from morning till late in the evening. Despite its modest size, it contains a huge number of interesting marine animals. It will be especially interesting for children here.

Hot tours to Croatia

The beaches and resorts of Croatia impress with their purity and color. Sunbathing on them is a pleasure!


Ciovo Island is located in the Adriatic Sea. It can be called truly wild, as there are many rocks and conifers. Holidays here are designed mainly for those who want to be alone with nature.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

After visiting Croatia, you should definitely visit Dubrovnik. This city has it all: famous landmarks, blue sea, quiet beaches and luxury hotels. It is the main resort of the Adriatic Sea, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

island of Hvar

The longest and brightest island in the country. Its picturesque nature calms and helps to reveal the creative beginning. The towns of the island of Hvar are rich in historical monuments, the beaches are always bright sunshine, and the air smells of lavender and rosemary.


Orašac is a small but cozy resort village. There are many interesting places worth visiting. The atmosphere here is very romantic and calm, which allows you to relax and gain strength.

island of Korcula

A quiet town on the island of the same name delights tourists with a beautiful forest and a quiet beach holiday.


On the Istrian peninsula is one of the most beautiful resorts in Croatia. The old part of the city occupies a large area full of architectural monuments.


The calm waters of the Adriatic Sea are hitting the shores of Porec. Most recently, this city with a rich history was included in the UNESCO list.


It used to be a small settlement of fishermen, which has now become a luxury tourist center. The water here is shallow, so it is safe for swimming with children.


Unlike most coastal cities, Rijeka is NOT oversaturated with commercial establishments. Tourists have chosen this place because of the interesting places, such as the clock tower and coat of arms, the Church of Our Lady of Trsat, the Cathedral of St. Vitus, etc.

The height of the beach season is summer and autumn. Various attractions make a beach holiday in Croatia with children just wonderful! Spend your unforgettable vacation here!

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