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The Republic of Bulgaria is located in the northeast of the Balkan Peninsula. In the north of BulgariaBulgaria map - BULGARIA
it borders with Romania, in the south with Greece and Turkey, in the west with Serbia and Macedonia, and in the east Bulgaria is separated from Ukraine by the sea border of the Black Sea, where the famous beaches of Bulgaria are located.

The area of the country is 110,994 sq. km.

Capital of Bulgaria – Sofia

Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN).


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You can find air and bus tours to Sunny Beach from Lutsk, Lviv, and other cities on your own by specifying the number of vacationers in the search form (by default, tours for two are searched), type of food, trip duration and other parameters. Or contact the manager of the travel agency “Atlant Tour”, we will select tours for your dates in advance or offer last-minute trips to Bulgaria. We suggest you choose a tour from Kyiv Lviv or other cities

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Tours to Bulgaria from Kyiv

Tours to Bulgaria from Lviv

Tourists flock to Bulgaria in droves to mingle with its friendly people, enjoy the beautiful nature and learn about the history of the country. You will be amazed at the number of sights that will take your breath away. All hotels are trying to get better and better to attract guests. You will be amazed! It is beneficial for Ukrainians to travel to Bulgaria due to its territorial proximity. The Bulgarian language is very similar to Ukrainian, so there should be no problems understanding the local population.

Excursion bus tours to Bulgaria

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Bus tours to Bulgaria from Lutsk start from early June to September. On the road, tourists spend approximately 24-26 hours, depending on the resort. The carrier’s buses are equipped with air conditioning and phone chargers. Tours to Bulgaria from Lutsk is an alternative to expensive Turkey. A large hotel base in Bulgaria makes it possible to choose from apartments by the sea to luxurious resorts and hotels

In addition to bus tours, today there are also air tours to Bulgaria from Lviv and Kyiv. Departures are carried out from Lviv, as a rule, for 10-11 days. The flight lasts about 2 hours. The popularity of such tours is growing because the prices for early bookings are quite low. The cost of the flight starts from 564 euros for two.


The most popular way to get around Bulgaria is by bus. If you like to travel in comfort, then do not spare money for a taxi. You can also take the train, but the journey will take much longer.

Popular resorts in Bulgaria

Golden sands in Bulgaria

The perfect place for a perfect holiday on the golden sand. People come here to have fun and forget about the daily hustle and bustle. You will always be cared for and entertained. There are so many hotels here that there is always a place where to spend the night, regardless of your budget. Due to the temperate climate, the season in Golden Sands lasts throughout spring, summer and partly autumn.

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Nessebar in Bulgaria

It is Nessebar that can be called the pearl of ancient architecture. Even the atmosphere itself is filled with elegance and tranquility. All the buildings are made perfectly, and the paving stones are laid out pebble to pebble. Connoisseurs of culture and art come here. The most popular activity in Nessebar is a walk, as the air is saturated with purity, and the landscapes delight with beauty. On excursions you will learn many legends about these places and their inhabitants. Here you will always be welcome!

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Sunny beach in Bulgaria

The largest and most popular resort in the entire country. Rest by the Black Sea in Bulgaria is the best that any tourist can afford. People come here for delicious dishes, clean sand, pleasant communication with the locals and for unforgettable experiences. Young people like Sunny Beach the most. Large-scale parties are constantly held here, and the best DJs work in nightclubs. If you come with children, be sure to take them to the local water park. In addition, children can have fun on the beach, constructing sand castles. The season in Sunny Beach lasts from spring to autumn, when the water and air temperatures are still high.

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This quiet place is ideal for those who want to improve their health. Among the numerous mountains, right next to the sea, there are several comfortable hotels. Coniferous plants, which are more than enough here, purify the air and give incredible freshness. It is very cozy and beautiful here at any time of the year.

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Albena is a wonderful place for children’s recreation. The combination of the blue sea and the lush vegetation of the forest make the resort a health resort for children. A sandy beach with a shallow coastal bottom, convenient for kids – here you can teach your child to swim. Also on the territory of the complex there are many playgrounds, amusement parks, water parks, children’s discos, swimming pools, there is a rental of children’s transport; children’s railway, karting, bowling and much more. Every year Albena hosts various festivals, competitions, concerts and other cultural events.

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It was here that the Greeks once founded the first colony – Sozopolis. Mountains and the sea annually attract millions of tourists. Now the architecture of the past and the skyscrapers of the modern world are intertwined here. You will definitely enjoy Sozopol, whether you like active or passive rest. Here you can go water skiing or rent a scooter.

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Pomorie in Bulgaria

Pomorie is famous all over the world for the presence of therapeutic mud. That is why there are many sanatoriums here. It’s hard to call this place a resort, because the presence of iron in the sand makes it gray-brown. Many with great interest go to the vineyards and the wine cellar of Pomorie.

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Kranevo in Bulgaria

This small village has already become popular with tourists. Children and teenagers come to Kranevo for a summer camp. Here they not only study, but also improve their health. Adults here live in hotels and also go to wellness treatments.

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