Transcarpathian relaxation

Transcarpathian relaxation

Transcarpathian relaxation

Trip cost: 2300 UAH 

          📅 September : 2-3-4

Call for reservations

096-062-03-29 (VIBER)

093-691-85-28 (VIBER)

Travel program:

Day 1.

5:00 – gathering of the group for the Transcarpathian Relax tour near the Registry Office. Moving across Transcarpathia.

Zhayvoronok thermal pools are a unique, modern and comfortable recreation complex, which includes the only indoor thermal pool in Ukraine. Located in the glorious city of Beregovo at the very source of healing thermal water and at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. This is a place where you can relax body and soul. Even visiting the places of the planet, you will appreciate the unsurpassed atmosphere of nature, the action of thermal water, the taste of Hungarian and Ukrainian cuisines and the delicacy of wine from all over Transcarpathia.

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free wine tasting from winemakers with. Ghat. Transcarpathia is the center of Ukrainian winemaking, and where else can you enjoy this fragrant and intoxicating drink. In the village. You will try various variations of grape and fruit wines, as well as be able to buy them as a gift to family. there is also a shop with various Hungarian products and things.

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Check into a hotel.

Day 2.

Delicious Transcarpathian breakfast.

Excursion to Nevytskyi Castle. The history of this fortress dates back to the XII century, when the Hungarians turned their attention to the northeast and decided to make friends with the Galician and Kiev princes, which began to appear new roads through the passes, and with them – and new fortifications. The ancient walls of the castle can tell many interesting stories, because the fortress withstood the onslaught of numerous enemies.

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Excursion to Uzhhorod Castle. The most valuable exhibit of the Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore is undoubtedly Uzhgorod Castle of the XV-XVIII centuries, which is the oldest and most valuable historical and architectural structure of the city of Uzhgorod.
Excursion to Uzhgorod. This city is almost the Carpathians, mountains are already visible on the horizon. Uzhhorod is far from the center of Ukraine, but cozy, most atmospheric and quiet. And the peculiarity of Uzhgorod in April is that the city turns into a real paradise garden, because the exotic Japanese cherry – sakura – begins to bloom. Uzhgorod has the largest Sakura Alley in Europe. These trees grow only in Japan, several American states and Transcarpathia. Every year thousands of tourists come to Uzhgorod to see a beautiful natural phenomenon. The peak of flowering, when sakura branches are covered with lush pink flowers – an incredibly fascinating phenomenon.

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Modern cafe Children at the notary. The inn has been operating for eighteen years. During this time, it has become without exaggeration a cult place. Concerts and festivals take place here. The main concept of the institution is lively Transcarpathian humor mixed with the promotion of alcohol consumption.

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visiting the monastery cheese factory in the village. Rakoshino. Cheese-making traditions in Transcarpathia have a long history. The monastery cheese factory specializes in the production of various types of cheese from sheep’s and cow’s milk according to the best traditions of Transcarpathian cheese-making. Cheese tasting will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gourmets.

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Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 3.

Delicious Transcarpathian breakfast.

Kosino thermal pools. “Kosino” is a modern health and recreational complex for family recreation among the 200-year-old oak grove of the picturesque Beregivshchyna. You can feel the healing properties of groundwater in seven different pools with thermal and fresh water. “Kosino” – the best option for combining the pleasant with the useful.

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Cafe of Hungarian cuisine. You will have the opportunity to try delicious Hungarian national dishes: goulash, baked loci, picnics, banosh, and very tasty, cooked on an open fire – bograch.

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Tasting of 14 types of wine in the wine cellars of a local winemaker. This is a great opportunity to relax with a glass of wine and listen to fascinating stories from the original source (winemaker), which this wine has prepared for you according to traditional family recipes.

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Returning home from the tour relax in Transcarpathian.

The tour price includes:

  • transport and excursion service;
  • accompaniment by a company guide;
  • hotel accommodation for 2 and 3-bed rooms with amenities;
  • tasting of 8-14 types of wines.
  • insurance
  • good mood

The tour price does not include:

  • food (80 UAH breakfast, 100 UAH lunch, 120 UAH dinner)
  • entrance tickets (Uzhhorod Castle – UAH 30 for children, UAH 60 for adults)
  • thermal pools Lark 2.5 h – children up to 120 cm free / 220 UAH adults;
  • Kosino thermal pools 3:00 – children up to 150 cm free / 450 UAH adults)

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