Tours to the Carpathians from Kovel

Tours to the Carpathians from Kovel

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Tours to the Carpathians from Kovel

Thick fog among tall fir trees, rocky mountains, steep slopes, extreme ascents on ATVs, balloon flights - it's all about relaxing in one of the most picturesque, mysterious, corners of Ukraine. Kamyanka and Shipot waterfalls fall in love with tourists at first sight in their clear water. Quiet and rapid streams make you leave far behind the noisy city. In these places there is no room for haste, unnecessary hassle and excitement.

Only onea trip to the Carpathians from Kovel –it's a few hours of contemplation of incredible landscapes, changing panoramas outside the tour bus window. Castles and temples with a century-old history fill the soul with harmony, give a feeling of calm, bliss and equip with positive energy for many months of work. The aura here is really incredible, because in the Transcarpathian and Lviv regions there are countless historical sites. Here at every step is an ancient fortress, an ancient temple or an exclusive museum.

One of the favorite pastimes of all tourists without exception is the ascent and descent on the lift. Despair can take advantage of downhill riding.

Tours to the Carpathians from Kovel:

  • This is a great way to get away from the monotonous work in the office and immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the Carpathian mountains, rivers, lakes and forests..
  • This is an acquaintance with the national cuisine, analogues of which are not prepared so deliciously and deliciously in any part of the country.
    Hot air balloon flights, incredible pictures remain in the archive for many years, and in the memory - forever.
  • Healing vats with hot water and decoctions of medicinal herbs.
  • Thermal pools with a rich mineral composition of water and naturally high temperatures.
  • Are you not afraid of difficulties, do you like extreme sports and sports? We offer to climb Mount Pip Ivan on foot. All the heaviness in the legs, fatigue and effort will reward every tourist who climbed to the top with a fascinating panorama. Green, flower-decorated slopes with colorful red-tiled houses open up to every brave man who dares to put on a backpack and embark on a fascinating journey.

   At most, the mountains quench internal anxieties, sing the body's thirst for life. The mountains have a unique ability to attract a tourist trip - the best option for the first acquaintance with the pearls of the Carpathians in the company of friends.