Hutsul adventures
Hutsul adventures

Trip cost: 2300 UAH

📅August : 26-27-28

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Travel program:

Day 1.

06:00 – departure from. Lutsk.

Manyavsky skit. Orthodox monastery, where you can walk along the well-groomed territory, pray in the temples of the monastery: – the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord, built on the foundation of the church 1611 And after walking along the forest road for another half a kilometer, you will see the “Blessed Stone” – a place which it all started. This is a large ledge in the rock, which, according to legend, was the first refuge of the monks. He is blessed because a spring of water, which is considered healing, was beating from under him.

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A trip by VAZ to the Manyavsky waterfall. We change our transport to a more comfortable one for mountain roads and move to the Manyavsky waterfall, the height of the water fall is 16 m, the highest waterfall is Gorgan.

Manyva vodospad 04 Int - Hutsul adventuresA tour of Ivano-Frankivsk is, first of all, a walking city, the significant value of which is the atmosphere of a European historical town, in contrast to the solid blocks of Soviet buildings or outstanding architectural monuments. Since ancient times, travelers in their notes have associated Frankivsk with a large number of flowering alleys and parks. Over the past decades, the city authorities have paid special attention to the greening of streets, the creation of parks and squares, which we are proud of and admire to this day. After spending half an hour of easy walking from the City Hall, you will reach the luxurious Taras Shevchenko Park.

Resurrection Cathedral in Ivano Frankivsk - Hutsul adventures

Transfer to Mykulychyn / Tatariv / Vorokhta.
Visit “Hutsul brewery”. Hutsul beer is brewed according to the classical ancient German technology “Osterbrau” and on Hungarian equipment. The raw material is Verkhovynska spring water, Slovak malt, German brewer’s yeast and hops. If you try it at least once, you will immediately appreciate the special natural taste and stable foam. And for beer you will be offered many delicious additions and Hutsul dishes. You can savor it all in your favorite company in the hall with comfortable sofas at wooden tables.

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Check-in at the hotel, dinner. Free time.

Day 2


Ascent to Mount Hoverla. The real natural adornment of both the Ukrainian Carpathians and the whole of Ukraine is the Chernogora alpine ridge, which includes the highest point in Ukraine – Mount Hoverla (2061 m). The Chernogora Ridge is the main landscape component and a popular excursion object of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is visited by thousands of tourists, climbers and scientists from many countries of the world. Translated from Hungarian, this name means “snowy mountain”. Its top is actually snowy. And the weather here often changes: snow on Hoverla in the middle of summer is not uncommon. Mount Hoverla is a natural phenomenon of incredible beauty that captures from the first minutes!
Return to the hotel, dinner. Free time.

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Optional: bath or vats.

Day 3

Breakfast. Release of rooms. Transfer to Bukovel.

Riding on a cable car, where during the ascent we can admire the beauty of the Carpathian mountains to our heart’s content. Bukovel has a lot of different entertainments: trolls, jumping, ZIP-line and much more.

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Visiting the unique ethnopark “Hutsul Land”. These are exciting stories about the life and way of life of the highlanders of the Ukrainian Carpathians: Hutsuls, Boykos and Lemkos.

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Museum “Inverted House”. Located in the village of Polyanytsya in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The uniqueness of the house is that both from the outside and from the inside everything is upside down.

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Transfer to Yaremche.

Sightseeing tour to the Proboy waterfall, which captivates from the first minutes with the beauty of nature and the noise of mirror-clear water.

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Souvenir market in Yaremche, where, if desired, you can buy gifts for loved ones and souvenirs. Most of what is sold on the market are handicrafts, each of which has a centuries-old history of manufacturing traditions, carefully preserved for posterity.

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Homecoming. Arrival in Lutsk 23:00.

The tour price includes:

  • transport and excursion services;
  • accommodation in a hotel or cottage, with 2, 3-bed accommodation with private facilities;
  • a trip on a VAZ to the Manyavsky waterfall;
  • escort by a company guide;
  • insurance
  • good mood 🙂

The cost of the tour does not include:

  • meals (70 UAH – breakfast, 80 UAH – lunch, 100 UAH – dinner)
  • cable car 100 UAH for children / 125 UAH for adults, Hutsul land 90 UAH / person, Upside down house 25 UAH for children / 50
  • UAH for adults.
  • environmental fees in the reserves: 15 UAH for children / 30 UAH for adults, Manyavsky Skete 10 UAH for children. / 15 UAH adult
  • optional excursions

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