Flights have become an important part of life. They save time, because in a few hours a person can be in different parts of the world. For some people, the flight is perceived as commonplace, but many are new to air travel and do not know many nuances. Here you can book a plane ticket for free, and then buy it in any convenient way. Make sure you have a visa (transit) and an insurance policy to visit the country
Beginners are interested in how to buy tickets at a good price. First of all, do not rush and book tickets a few months before departure. In the future, they may fall significantly in price, so the best time to buy a ticket is 40 days before departure. This is due to the fact that the airlines focus on last year's number of passengers flying this flight. That is, the price may fall significantly due to reduced passenger traffic. People who are familiar with this area are advised to choose the right time and day of the week for the flight. Many people want to travel on weekends, but at the beginning and middle of the week the planes are often half empty. The most popular time for departure is Friday and Saturday evenings. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a flight on Sunday morning or Monday, then there are fewer people and the ticket price is significantly reduced.
6 secrets to help BUY tickets cheaply

It is best to plan your trip in advance

The best days to buy tickets are winds and Wednesdays

Take a ticket in both directions

Transit flight is always cheaper than direct

Subscribe to airline promotions

Travel in the low season